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'Postpartum' Aneixty and Coping

I've always been prone to anxiousness, but it progressed rapidly after the birth of my daughter. I initially diagnosed myself with baby blues, hoping that after a while I would be back to normal. But instead the opposite happened, everything seemed to get worst and everything seemed to be a trigger. One minute I was ok. The next minute everything was crumbling around me.

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My Halloween Struggle

I am unapologetically Christian, and pretty religious. Most of my actions are deeply tied to my religious beliefs and personal convictions. And I try not one of those Christians who try to push their beliefs on others. I believe that you should have a special, personal conviction about these things. And recently I've been reevaluating my stand on Halloween. I'm reevaluating more now as a parent, so I can give my children more real, concrete answers to questions they have about why we do things (as best I can). I posed a question on my personal Instagram page, and to close family and friends, about celebrating (going out to trick-or-treat) Halloween to meet our new neighbors. I got a mixed bag of yes, some coated responses about making it more of a religious activity (I am totally opposed to this). So I was left to ponder even more.

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