Random Thoughts and Musings #moving #personaltraining #parenting

I've been having an extreme case of writer's block. Everything I want to write about seems so hard. I struggle to stay focused long enough to write anything specific. If I'm being honest that usually means it's time to take a break and regroup. So I'm doing that...reluctutantly. I really have so much to write about. I'm giving myself some time to really just breath...and think. And so instead of posting on something specific I decided to write what I've been contemplating about. I think and process best when I write stuff down. So these are the most recent thoughts swirling through my head. Might elaborate on them later but here's the short versions of my random thoughts and musings.

The Move

Last year we moved from NYC back to GA. It was a decision prompted by the arrival of our son, and the desire for a better quality of life. NYC is great. I enjoyed my time there. We lived the new yoker dream, sold our cars, lived (close) in the city, rode the train/bus/subway, shared a small living space. And we had a ball. Then we became parents and we maintained this lifestyle with our baby for a while, only making minor adjustments. And then we had another baby. But we still had hope although we knew this might not be the best place for us. While we did make some new friends through our amazing church, we didn't have any immediate or extended family in town. This made NYC life less desirable. Missing that support was a bigger deal than I thought. Being home with 2 small children is hard, and most days the walls felt like they were closing in. Since moving back to GA I feel better mentally. I love the quality of life we have here. More space, better work hours, having close family and friends close. And although I havent taken full advantage of having close friends and family, baby steps, it's nice to know that's an option. 

Personal Training

I've also been mentally processing my body goals. I talked a bit about my weight and such here a while back. Recently a dear friend of mine started a personal training business. I am/was so excited for her and her vision, and I wanted to support her. So I set up a training session, and it was great. I enjoyed it. I was sore for a few days, we definitely worked out some lost muscles. But I was reluctant to sign up for anymore sessions. I felt so bad. And until recently I couldn't pinpoint why not. I realized that I don't like working out with a personal trainer. I've had several trainers and their styles have varied. But thinking about it in depth made me realize I've never really enjoyed working out with any trainer. It conflicts with my type A personality. I appreciate having control over my workouts. And I would much rather be doing a million other things in my free time than going to the gym for long periods at a time. I've done that and its not where I am in life right now. My time is at a premium and I'd rather spend it doing something I actually like doing. Working out by myself or even with friends in a group setting is more rewarding for me. And quite frankly I've never had great results using a personal trainer. I lost more weight eating right and working out by myself. If I'm being honest my biggest issues are in the kitchen. And so that is recently where I started. Since starting at the end of January I've lost about 10 pounds. Which means I'm now pre-baby weight of the second baby. Now I just have to lose the baby weight from the first baby. Then I'll need to work on the 20 - 30 pounds I was trying to lose before both babies lol. But I feel confident about my success and progress. (But if you are looking for a great trainer in the Atlanta area, I know one!)

Renewed Parental Perspective

The kids have been sick almost continuously for about a month. This leaves us cooped up in the house, and me running out of ideas. Hopefully the onset of spring brings better health for everyone. I'm so over all the sickness. When I had my first baby I avoided taking her places when she was sick or if I knew someone where I was going would be sick. I realized very quickly most parents aren't that courteous. Fast forward to the me today...I totally get it. I try to be aware if my kids are sick and not take them places as best I can, but I also am trying to maintain my sanity and I got stuff to do. It's funny to see my differences as a first time parent versus a multi-kid parent. I'm still a semi-crunchy, helicopter, attachment parent type of gal just with a more of a healthy dose of reality and empathy.