Day 6 - Standing in the gap

"For he shall have judgment without mercy, that hath shewed no mercy; and mercy rejoiceth against judgment." James 4:2

The promise is slightly hidden in this verse until the end "...mercy rejoiceth against judgement." When I first read this verse it seemed depressing especially given my challenge I was on, to seek out God's promises. Yet, this verse kept on showing up. And only five days later do I get it.

In college sometimes the frivolity of youth leave you less than prepared. Lol. Studying doesn't seem as important until the test is upon you. In those times I found myself praying for the teacher's mercy...and a grade on a curve. I think I learned the most about grading on a curve during calculus. Most times the teacher takes the high grade and makes that an A. What a glorious concept! What a saving grace! This helps fill in the gaps you might have missed. This helped me get a B on calculus.

Grading on a curve helps me understand this verse the best. Yes, you will be judged, which is already a scary concept. You have God's mercy filling in the gaps. God's mercy makes salvation attainable. Now that's a promise!