Life Updates

Time is flying…there's so much going on. I've wanted to write, but haven't really had the time. Entertaining a 3 month-old is a full-time job. And my muse comes and goes.

But enough with the excuses. First things first, my sweet little girl is 3 months old. And she is developing, so much. She reading the world around her, she's so alert and observant. Every day I see something new she's picked up. And I love being able to see it all.

But I must admit at times though I start to get a little stir crazy. Being home with an infant most of the day can be has it's ups an downs, being exciting and exhausting and complicated and rewarding all at the same time. I figured it would happen. Just need an outlet, a hobby of some sort. Right now we've cut back since I quit my job, so that makes it a little harder to a lot right now. But all is not lost…

On another note, I miss my girls. My tried and true, know-me-so-well-sometimes-it-scares-me friends. Lately, I keep thinking how nice it would be to go out to lunch/dinner and cut lose. I know what you are thinking, make new friends. As we all know this is always easier said than done. I could find some new friends, and well I'm trying….but the learning curve for new friends usually makes me apprehensive. And it in itself is a daunting task, and is not the pet project I want to take on yet.

And next we're moving. This has been so frustrating. We decided to move for more space and a cheaper place. But per our lease, we weren't able too unless we paid 2 months rent or found another renter. So we placed an ad on craigslist and eventually found another renter (not from craigslist, go figure). Then we set off to find a new place. We found one didn't take too long. BTW, I HATE renting in NY, but that's another blog all together. Anyway, everything was set last week. But slowly this week it has slowly started to unravel. The mgmt company is making a big deal about renting our apt. I think it has to do with the fact that our apt is going for about $500 more than we are paying. Which they should have realized earlier and this would have made getting out of our contract easier. And the new landlord is making us jump through hoops like trained seals. Apparently he got burned before, dude I get it, but really. So now this whole move is in limbo, and frankly, I'm tired of dealing with it. Such is life…

I would go on, but most of it is just random musings in my head, those will come soon enough. And I'm tired, so I'll stop at that. All in all everything is ok. God is teaching me, and I am reluctantly learning as always, smh. But He is being patient, and helping me along, as always, smh. So I continue to move forward, until next time. (hopefully this makes sense somewhere around the middle of this blog, a strong urgency to sleep came upon me, so hopefully it's coherent).