Won't He do it!

It’s blogging time since I’m in my last two days here (and frankly I'm not doing a thing)…

It seems when I finally surrender and let go and let God things start falling into place *must learn this lesson.* I get so thick headed sometimes, most times, when it comes to letting go and letting God. He’s awesome, He’s always been awesome and will continue to be awesome. Just when I think He’s left me in the dark, I start to see the light. I think it’s Him whispering *trust me, I’ve got this.* He's showing up and showing out and I'm not hating.

So my testimony begins…I needed a new job. The one I got when I first moved here was not cutting it in so many ways. {For more details see me.} Anywho I prayed and prayed and prayed and cried and prayed and cried and prayed to no avail. God was not listening, I was convinced, so I starting sulking. And to make matters worse my job wasn’t the only thing I needed God to come through in a BIG way for. So I did what most of us start to do when we think God’s ideal doesn't fit inside our box, I tried bargaining…this for that, that for this. Knowing full well that God could in fact give it ALL to me, as a friend reminded me...sometimes you need the covering words of others in your life. Their positive attitudes and prayers can  make a huge difference. Even still all I could think is why would He want to do that though. Why would the Lord want to do anything for me after I had acted like a brat?? Why would care if one or even all of my prayers were answered?? Because he loves me and wants to best for me even when I refuse to acknowledge what the best might be. Because I am His, fearfully and wonderfully made, and He takes care of his own.

His deliverance has come....I am happy to report that the Lord has seen fit to remove me from this job and give me an opportunity someplace else, but that's just the beginning. A while back I stopped applying to jobs because I was tired of the rejection. But I also knew I couldn’t stay here much longer. I also acknowledged my inability to make good decisions on my own, so I left it at the Lord's feet...while constantly reminding Him it was there. So when I got a call out of the blue I should have known it was already it was ordained.

However, with it being 2.5 hours via public transportation and since we have no car; this seemed like a pipe dream. Thanks God, waving it in front of me knowing I can’t have it. I went to the interview out of courtesy. {For more details see me.} After some thought I decided to take it because it’s more of a career stepping stone than this job will ever be (plus these people...smh), and quite frankly because I believe God ordained it. He did it for me! But He didn't stop there, originally they wanted to start the 20th which would have given me no days off, I wanted at least a week (selfishly), but when I talked to the HR coordinator they had pushed back my start date until June 3rd...two week vacay (no paycheck, but we'll survive)!!

Even after God had worked that out, I still needed more. My next issue, who was taking the train/bus/subway for 2.5 hours?? Not I…we had to get a car. so I did what I do best…panicked…even after the Lord had just placed this amazing blessing in my life. I took a moment to gather myself watched the Lord work! Finding a car can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. But won't my God do it?! He found us a car, and not just any car…the car we planned getting when we "needed" a car again. And within our price range, well $1500 over, but I’m not complaining.

When the floodgates are open, don’t ask just receive…He’ll do it! He'll do it all and more cause He wants the best for you! But wait there’s more…the BIGGEST blessing of them all!!! (It’ll have to wait until next time…this needs a post all it's own.)