Remain Calm…this will be hurt a bit

From time to time I write growth blogs, well here is another one. As I said before growth is painful, at least for me. When the control freak within me feels powerless, I lose it…a lot. I guess it seems that everything seems to fall apart at the same time or maybe it’s harder to see the good when the bad is what’s in focus. Either way, this is painful. My guess is that this won’t be the last time this happens, and as life continues it’ll only get worse. But how I handle each situation is getting better. I remember when this happened last time, and it was not pretty. Although it’s been challenging I think I’m handling it with a more grounded approach, this time (though closer sources might have a different opinion). It doesn’t mean I’m not discourage cause I am. It doesn’t mean I can see the light at the end of the tunnel cause I can’t. It means taking one day at a time and focusing on the Lord for my next step. Trying to keep my eyes on Him rather than my situation, which is working for the most part (until my human instincts to be ungrateful, argumentative, combative, uncompromising, and so on kick in). That's when the tough stuff starts. All in all I'm trying to take the neccessary strides to get better, and focus on my ultimate goal..."everybody talking about heaven ain't going there..."

...and scene. ;-)