There will always be those that understand you best.
They've seen you at best, and stood tall beside you.
They've seen you at your worst and loved you though it.
They are those that love you in spite of and because of

They jump at the opportunity to help you
They have tell you like it is and what it was
They understand you even when you don't understand yourself
They can usually talk you down from the edge

Their judgment is usually clear of motives
It speaks more of their concern and dedication to you and your success
Their criticism is a chance to make you a better version of yourself
They are some of your biggest cheerleaders in the game of life

They live by the creed that they are their brother's keeper
They stump out your insecurities by reminding you how awesome you are
They embrace your craziness because its what drew you together in the first place
They blur the lines and barriers that are used to define them

They are the ones that surround you with love
They are the ones they respect you and what you stand for
They not only respect who you are, but who you are becoming
As you evolve, so do they
They are the ones that you find comfort in
They are the ones you seek solace in
They are the ones teach you how to love
They are the gifts in life that continuously keep giving
And they do all this not because of what you can do for them
But in return for what you have done for them
It's the ultimate gift that keeps on giving

If you haven't found yours by now...sorry for ya. But mine are the best!

(this isn't a poem...I just felt like writing like this...)
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