The Udpate

I got a job (God is super-de-duper awesome), actually I’m on week four of my new job (yeah it’s been that long). It’s cool, I glad that the Lord worked it out. And he didn’t make me choose cause I never heard from the other company. So now I getting used to being a “New Yorker,” rushing to get to the train, being packed in like a sardine, needing to carry cash around, and so on. I will admit though I haven’t exactly found my place here yet. I’m searching for some sort of familiarity that makes being here more comfortable. But like most places that comes with time. I felt like I would find that in a church setting, but I’ve been unable to find a church I like…until this past Sabbath. I went the friendliest church I’ve ever been to in life (I have also been to the most unfriendliest (this is not word) church I’ve ever been to in my life while being here in New York). I think I might have found a place to go, but time will tell.

In other news my birthday is Friday, that is all. I feel extremely indifferent about it, I'm not excited or sad. I'm just grateful to have made it to another year. I'm probably more indifferent becuase I'll be working I haven't done that in my birthday in years. But it's a friday, so I'll probably leave early. *shrug*