Testimony Time: Nothing comes from Nothing

So it has been forever! So I guess there is no time like the present to fill the gaps in.

It's been a busy few months, as you can tell...and I doubt things will slow down anytime soon.

I believe that life is full of testimonies, some big some small. However, it's not always about the size as it is about the impact. I sincerely believe my testimony has been in making for the past two and half years. I'm sure there is more, God is sooo great there is always more. So in essence a testimony is never finished, it almost builds on top of the other testimonies you have.

So my testimony starts about a year and a half after I got married. I had been living in Huntsville for about 3 years then after graduating. And quite frankly Huntsville was getting quite old. For starters all of my close friends had moved away, I hated my job, and so on and so far. I also was in serious odds about my self image (which is still a continuous process). Basically I felt trapped and I felt that my growth was being stunted being in Huntsville. I whined and cried to God about it to no avail. I felt like I was missing out on so many things. I felt like I had made some decisions to end up where I was in life. I just felt tired of being me (I documented some of this way back when feel free to check it out).

So what was my solution to get out of this funk. Employ the philosophy I try to live by on a daily basis it's similar to tests and trials come to make you strong. I like to put a spend on it like this, God is always trying to teach you a lesson just like He did with the disciples. He tried His best while He was here to show object lessons in all that he could. So I try to employ that philosophy. Basic get the lesson and move along.

So back to the testimony...I was in my slump waiting for the Lord to help a sister out. I didn't care how I just wanted it done and done quickly. Finally like a child who feels there requests are going unnoticed I started to act out. Suddenly, after what seemed like months of darkness, I asked the one question that help me pull myself up by my bootstraps. What can I do?

All this time I expected God to perform some miracle and make my life better. I expected him to wave some magically wand and make it all better. But what had I done to change my circumstances, what had I done to make things better? Nothing. Rarely do things happened when nothing is done...nothing comes from nothing.

So in an effort to change things I started with the one thing I felt I had control over. I joined a gym. I started working out like a maniac. It eventually paid off, I lost over 40 pounds. And although my goal was to lose 60 (and in a dream I would have loved to lose 80). One thing that helped while working out was positive thinking. Your body tends to tense up when you stress, stress can literally hold on to pounds for you. So on an effort to not to reverse my progress I tried to release all the unnecessary stress I could. And I started with my biggest stressor, work.

I decided on a career path, for some reason I think I had stalled because it felt so permanent. I had been waiting for some grand opportunity to come along and make up my mind for me. But finally I made a decision and it was like all the chips fell in place.

The last area I had to tackle was my relationships. I started with the first and most important one, God. For a while I felt like we were at a stand still and now I realize I was the only one standing still. And I went down the list after that. For a long time I felt like people had abandoned me when I needed them the most. I had written people off, and didn't really feel like being bothered. But good friends know when you need a friend and that's when they stick around. When they are no longer benefited by being your friend, but when you are benefited by being their friend.

As I made this little changes, taking baby steps life seemed to get exponentially better. I changed my attitude and my attitude increased. And last year again for the 3948th time I asked the Lord with more clarity and more understanding to move us from Huntsville. And that it seemed no sooner than I had risen from knees my husband got a new job. And God showed out!!

So we were finally moving...YAY, all is right with the world right? Not quite. So many questions swirled around in my mind: Where was I going to work? What are we going to do with the house? Where are we going to live? As quickly as I thanked God for my blessing I felt overwhelmed by what ifs. And after finally accepting life as it was, and actually enjoying it, it was changing.

But this time it was easier to pull myself out of my funk because I had seen God work on my behalf. And now I wait for what God has called me to do because until you do something nothing comes from nothing.