The Blessings Continue...

Soo in the post below I explained how the Lord work my move out. But that's not where it ends.

My husband moved two months before I did. And I stayed in Huntsville. I didn't know how long it would be before I could move, so I drew a line in the sand. I'm learning to step out when God tells me to step out. It's terrifying, it's the culmination of facing the unknown and perhaps failing.

My biggest fear of moving early was not having the money to do so. While I'm not opposed to be a kept housewife, I had to ask myself is that a financially sound decision? And if the answer is no, there was no way I could move. But I didn't want to be left in Huntsville either. In a way I felt like I had been left out on God's blessing. But Aunt Renee reminded me that God doesn't bless only one party in the marriage. We are a team and God made us that way and he wouldn't do that to us.

I drew a line in the sand, and stepped out on a faith cloud. All I asked is the the Lord support my weight. Not only is he supporting my weight, he is carrying me.

I have been applying for jobs since December. It wasn't until last week I actually got a call to come into for an interview. It had to be one of the worst interviews I had ever had. It was a accounting temp agency. In short the interviewer left a bad taste in my mouth. She didn't ask any relevant questions. And she scoff at my salary request (they add an additional fee on top of your salary request, so if you ask for too much it doesn't benefit them as much...cause a company is going to cap the salary request at a certain point). In all fairness, I think the Lord had sent me a sign to not go to the interview, but I felt like maybe it would help me for future interviews.

My next interview was better. I left the interview feeling confident that I could do the job and it would be a perfect fit for me. But the interviewee told me he wasn't aware when they would be able to hire me. :-/ Um sir, I'm unemployed I need a job sooner rather than later. So that was a bummer, and left me feeling a bit discontent.

No sooner had I left I got call from someone else wanted to interview me later that week. That interview went well also, almost better than the first one because the lady said she was interested in me, and she wanted to make a decision by the next week, which worked well with my open schedule.

No sooner had I finished that interview the first company was calling me back for a second interview. The second interview was good. And this time I was told the position would start ASAP. I left there feeling confident that I would receive an offer letter.

But no sooner than I rested in the idea that I would be working for the first company, the second company called for a second interview. Which will take place on Monday.

I'm TERRIFIED that I will get both jobs and have to choose (but I God's got this!). Both I think are great opportunities at great companies with good benefits that have the potential to offer me the salary I requested (in your face temp agency lady...guess you don't know MY GOD). I don't think I can express HOW GREAT GOD IS!!! *praise break* I don't know what this week holds, but I'm thanking God in advance for his continuous blessings and daily grace and mercy.