Oldies but Goodies

Remember Regine, Khadijah, Sinclaire, Max our favorite TV girlfriends (and Kyle and Overton, our best male friends). Kim, Freddie, Ron our favorite coeds, how about our favorite couple and best wedding scene “Baby please…” Whitley and Dwayne. And who can forget our favorite family, the Huxtables, who truly showed middle class black America...Bare with me I’m having an nostalgic moment. I am a self-proclaimed TV junkie, I spend most of my spare time watching TV, although now that I have a DVR I feel freer to explore other hobbies (still haven't picked up any new ones but I'm working on it); but when the DVR fills up…TV time, I spend more Sundays on my couch than anywhere else. I know there is so much more I could be doing with my time, but you’ve got your hobbies and I’ve got mine. I spend most of the time I watch TV watching the Food Network, my TV literally stays on that channel. Iron chef, Paula Dean, Chopped, Next Food Network Star, The Neely’s, Hungry Girl, Barefoot Contessa, Drive-Ins, Diners and Dives…all my favorites, if it’s on Food Network I watch it pretty faithfully.

I realized the other day, thanks to Eb, I don’t watch many new shows. I try to get into some, but rarely am able too. I became a Hawthorne fan because it was the only new thing to watch in the summer (genius on the producers part...but it started off slow and still lacks some of the character development I appreciate, but bygones), although this season has made me reconsider my commitment (smh so much DRAMA). I embraced Harry’s Law with Kathy Bates (I’ve loved her since Fried Green Tomatoes…if you haven’t seen that, get to it!). Of course, I was a fan of The Game, so I’m excited to see it revived even if it is on BET, the station that takes black people back 30 years. And while I found Let’s Stay Together a bit…tired, I watched the whole season of it. And because of major advertisement on my Pandora stations I started watching Against the Wall, it was only the second episode as of last Sunday, but it might have some potential. I know that seems like a lot, but for a self-proclaimed TV junkie that barely grazes the surface. I caught the pilot of Single Ladies and was quite disappointed. I was hurt at the way they portrayed black relationships, and black women in general (and just because there is one white chick doesn’t diversify the show that much), perhaps it was the day I saw it on and I was emotional or something, but maybe not. I would really like to see less black shows that focus less on what I think brings us down as a society (and a people). I know it’s all for the entertainment, but I just want more in my TV watching. Now I only watched the pilot so it may have gotten better...

Honestly since Centric and TV One have started to play my old favorites I figured why should I have to watch some of the stuff they try to entertain me with, my TV oldies will always be goodies to me. I loved Living Single for the friendship they all shared. They had dating woes, but they were independent and appreciated what a man could do for them. I loved A Different World, it reminds me so much of my college experience it’s scary. Two working, professionals as parents, that was my life, so the Huxtables was relatable to me.

I am not condemning anyone for what they choose to watch that is your decision. Plus I have my guilty pleasures that I indulge in  (reality shows) like I Love New York 1 and 2, Flavor of Love, Real World / Road Rules, You’re Cut off, Celebrity Fit Club, Braxton Family Values, Biggest Loser (that show kept me on the verge of tears), Sinbad, Pep’s Show, Fantasia For Real (Tasia Boo is my girl! LOL). Most of these are short lived, but I have a weakness for watching real people make fools of themselves when money is involved.

All that being said this self-proclaimed junkie is sticking to the oldies but the goodies for now. :)