On The Real

It’s been a while since I last blogged. I’ve taken a trip to Fort Lauderdale, the fourth of July has passed, and I deleted my twitter account. So here’s a brief recap of these happenings:

Went to Fort Lauderdale for a wedding. It was a beach wedding, my first ever. It started at 9 (well I was there at 9, started around 9:30), only lasted 20 mins at the most. Next, it was the cocktail hour which seemed like it lasted for hours, finally the reception which did not end until 2 in the afternoon. My biggest mistake was skipping breakfast thinking that we would at least eat by 11, so when it was 12 and I hadn’t eaten…it was not good. But all in all it was a nice experience, even spent a few extra days after hanging out in Fort Lauderdale. This made me realize I have to take a real (week long) vacation. I have sent a date (and a budget) for December *crosses fingers*.

This past weekend was fourth of July weekend. I did the bare minimum which was absolutely my intention. We spent all of Saturday hanging out. Sunday I drove to Nashville to see a friend from out of town who was visiting family. This was nice. I was super late, smh. I could have kicked myself I would have loved to spent more time hanging out. After that we didn’t do anything else. Monday was similar, went out for brunch and watched a movie then headed back home for…more movies! Lol. I kept hearing the fireworks and decided to check them out. My neighbors did it up! I got a good show in my pajamas. Even found some fireworks and sparklers (my favorite!) in the house that we lit up. I really wanted some picnic food and was hoping I would get invited to a BBQ, but maybe later. This is probably the most relaxing fourth I’ve had in a while. I appreciated it.

Like America Fourth of July weekend was a symbol of me asserting my independence. I finally deleted my twitter account. I’ve been wanting to do so for a while. Just kept making excuses about why I hadn’t…welp, the excuses stopped this weekend. I still haven’t regretted it, so I think it was a good decision. I deleted it in general because it reminded of things that I am hoping to forget. I enjoyed my time on there in the beginning. I am grateful for the people I got to know, very special people who hold a place in my heart.  Perhaps I’ll reconsider one day, but until then I’ll find something else to occupy my time. :-D

I think I’m going to read more…I think I am going to stop by the library and find a good book. I’m going to create a goal of a book a week. My personal challenge for the month of July, so look for book reviews (of at least four books…yikes!).