Life Lesson: #516020

So this week was TONS better than last week. I got approved to start an alternate schedule, every other Friday off…YES! My manager volunteered to mentor me more to help me move along in my career (and I got a glowing interim review, cause I’m awesome and God is GREAT!). And I think I found a trainer, she’s so perky and awesome. Yes this week definitely trumps last week. But in order for me to be so thankful for this week I realize that last week had to happen. So in retrospect I am thankful for the hardships of last week.

While in the trenches it's hard to be thankful or see the light at the end of the tunnel. But that’s not a new issue, I think we all struggle with these type of doubt. I recently finished reading 1st and 2nd Kings. I have to say they have some of the best stories in the bible in those books. Tales of kings and queens, the lavish lifestyles, and of course the downfalls of empires. It’s better than most novels I’ve read and even better cause it’s real life events. What stuck out to me the most was reading about Elijah and Elisha. Now two of my favorite prophets from the times of old. These men were in true communion with God. They believed in the power that the Lord had given them. They spiritual balance they possessed is awe-inspiring to me. Elijah stopped the rain (1 Kings 17:1), a dead man fell on Elisha’s bones and was revived (2 Kings 13:21)…the power these men had because of their faithfulness and relationship with God makes me excited. It excites me because I know it’s still possible I believe in that power, I want that power.

While I know it’s possible I find myself stunted because so many times I doubt my ability fully. I don’t want to say or do the wrong thing. I don’t know if my course of action is the BEST course of action. It’s like being afraid to die and afraid to live. It’s almost like I think I’ll make a mistake, but I have to know that God is still in control no matter what. I have started to really and truly realize if you are faithful to God, he’ll be faithful to you. Hands down.
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