Book Review - Samson by Jacquelin Thomas

So true to my word…I stopped by the Library and picked up a few books. I thought getting four was a bit ambitious but I have already finished one, so maybe not.

I have finished Samson by Jaquelin Thomas. I did a book review on two other books I have read of hers… Book Review - The Ideal Wife by Jacquelin Thomas  and  Book Review - Redemption by Jacquelin Thomas. She is a wonderful author/storytelling who is able to transform biblical stories into modern tales with the lessons they were intended to have in the bible.

Most people know the story of Samson, it is story of lust, passion and misguided ministry. The story of Samson can be found in Judges 13 – 16. When you are first introduced to Samson in the bible you immediate know how great his calling is. You understand the purpose the Lord had for him. He is destined to be great. However, it is Samson’s desire of lust and passion that stunt his greatness. They cripple his talent and cause him to fall prey to the desires of the world. I believe that Samson’s internal struggle coupled with his desire to do right and his human weakness caused his ultimate demise. Our actions all come with consequences. Some are visible like Samson’s blindness, but some are hidden only scarring us within. The wounds within sometimes take more of a toll on us than some physically injury. Although Samson chose to choose his own way the Lord was still able to use him. Although He wasn’t able to do so until Samson had let go of his desire for lust and passion and truly accepted his call. Samson’s blindness “open his eyes” and his heart to see and accept his true calling. Sometimes it take a little to get our attention and sometimes it takes a lot, but there are always red flags along the way.

In the book Samson is a handsome (6’4”, greenish grey eyes…) preacher who has a weaknesses for women. A weakness that also plagued his father and thus disrupted his early childhood. Yet, Samson believes that he can combat this weakness on his own. He allows his desire and lust to control him. He gets involved with the women and ultimately pays for it. His greed and selfishness cause a trail of bad interactions with those that cared for him the most. Throughout the book there are challenges that call Samson to be better and do better yet, foolishly he thinks he is in control. His lust and passion leads him down the road of destruction, however, like Samson, of old, he is able to redeem himself; but not before he has to deal with the harsh consequences of his actions.

This book made me realize that we all sin…and ultimately sin is sin. No sin is greater than another, this is shocking to most because somehow we feel justified when we can find a greater sin in someone else. You tell a white lie to get out of work…sin. You kill…sin. One might reap greater consequences, but neither is greater. It opened my eyes to the reality of lust and desire, and the danger of uncontained passion. Nothing wrong with any of these things as long as they are controlled and contained. The problem is we are rarely able to control and contain them as we think…”the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.” Never rely upon yourself for the answers because usually you are the one who got yourself in the mess anyway. And  ultimately “be sure your sins will find you out…” You can only hid behind your sins for so long before you are found out. This is a lesson best learned early to avoid continuously embarrassment. In the end though we are created with a purpose. God has destined all of us to be great, and it is His desire that we fulfill this purpose. However it is up to us to follow His calling for our lives and rest in his grace and mercy when we make mistakes. It is something that takes humiltity and faith, it is not an easy task, but a neccessary one for a content and joyous life .