Book Review - Jezebel by Jacquelin Thomas

OK so my one book a week goal is just…smh…I finished  my second book this week. Yet another Jacquelin Thomas book. I’m going to stay away from her a while. I love her books mainly because of the biblical principles they force me to acknowledge. And I must at admit every book I have read from her gets me thinking more and more about my spirituality. It reminds that God’s original purpose for the bible was to give us insight. Insight into his mercy and grace, insight into examples that show us how to live, and ways that displease God.

This particular book is modeled after the story of Jezebel, found in 1st and 2nd Kings. To be totally honest I don’t think I’ve ever read the story of Jezebel in its entirety, I know that basic gist. But what I do know about Jezebel her name has never been synonymous with anything endearing. She was a conniving woman whom God punished with a  harsh death. No need to elaborate on that much further.

This story is about Jessie Belle a sweet southern Belle who has big dreams of moving out of her small town on to bigger and better things. She is able to do this with the help of her new husband. However, the more Jessie gets the more she wants. She seems insatiable for material wealth and prestige. In the end she gets what she wants, but not without a price. The story of Jessie Belle is similar to any and every one who has even wanted more when what they had was enough.