One for the Team

So another softball season has started. This is my second season playing. We’ve been tutoring for the first half of the season so we were unable to play. But school finally ended and we played in our first game on Wednesday. I was a little nervous because I felt a little rusty. Truth be told I am always nervous, I hate getting out and I hate making mistakes that cost the team. Anywho I was pretty good on Wednesday, no outs, and made it home once. Yay me! In all honestly we whooped the other team, 18-1 (ouch). Since the mercy rule applied we had to stop playing in the fourth.

However, we love to play so we decided to continuing playing a friendly game. I hit once and made it to first. My second time up I made it almost to first before they called my ball a foul. So I had to come back and hit again. When I did the ball bounced off my bat and hit me right in right part of my face. Just for the record softball’s are hard (even though they have the word ‘soft’ in them). My face immediately started to swell up. I felt like the right side of my face was falling off the bone. I was afraid to try and open my eye, thinking that it might have suffered some injury. But thankfully everything was good with my eye. I have some bruising and swelling, the spot where I got hit is extremely tender. But otherwise I’m GREAT! And ready to play again, which was suppose to be today, but it’s raining so maybe Monday.

Matt took a real artsy picture of it on my phone (I like it!). You can tell my eye is swollen a bit and I have some abrasions. But all in all I am well