On The Real

So sitting here listening to Nothing Left to Day by Mint Condition (I love 90's music...post coming), love that song and realizing it’s my work anniversary. Four years…today I started. Looking back I was so excited to start my career and move up the corporate ladder. In actuality I had no idea what I wanted to do (still don’t, but I have a general idea). My first year was the worst, I learned some important lessons, but in general hated it. I felt like my time would be short-lived at the company. But four years later I in a position I can stomach daily. I like what I doing for the most time, I wish I had more flexible schedule (my boss is old school…). I also wish I was more advanced, but all in time.

My relationships in all aspects are evolving. I am excited about trimming the fat off. And some fun things are happening in my friends lives and I am excited to be included. I have also come to realize the good friends who know you and appreciate you are hard to come by. And at a certain point in your life you stop “making” friends, and choose them based on life circumstances: Where you work, where you live, who your kids play with and so on and so forth.

Otherwise, I am trucking along.. waiting for something BIG to happen. Kidding. I am enjoying and embracing life cause it reminds of how good God is!
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