Workplace Harassment

IF you work in corporate America you have seen the lame workplace harassment videos. You have had to take the training...such a pain. But now that I feel like this is happening to me, I believe this training might have some merit. Perhaps I have a bias view of harassment, so I'll let you decide...I have shorten the stories and details and refrained from including my EXTREME disdain about the situation. But if you have heard it first know the deal. If not holler at me...

So, I changed buildings almost two years ago. When I got here I had a coworker over here telling me about one of the janitors, who would share personal information about his relationship with his wife and such. At first I felt sorry for him, that he was unhappy in his relationship, I encouraged her to tell him to seek help. Flash forward to last year another coworker starts to receive phone calls at her desk after hours from him. He is making inappropriate remarks and carrying on very unprofessionally, so much that my coworker threatens to tell security since he is calling within the building. Now flash forward to this year, a new coworker transfers over here. She is immediately bombarded by this guy, he dances on the personal line with her, doing just enough to stay legit.

Ok, so knowing all this I have decided to keep my distance, be cordial but that's it. Although we've had a couple run-ins, when he admittedly came at me about smiling after I received a kiss from my husband. (Seriously dude you are just watching my husband and I in the car... O_O). And late last year when he felt slighted because I walked into the lunch room and didn't acknowledge him. (I am here to work, not to socialize). So the other day, my coworker causally mentions that he asked her why I hate him. *Pause* Me not being overly nice to you is hate. Ok. In general I keep my distance from most people at work because, honestly, I don't care to socialize with most of them (mostly has to do with trust, but another story for another time). But in his case it's a personal precaution to keep it at a safe distance, so he doesn't think getting close is an option. *Continues* She goes on to say how he mention my beauty (which my coworker thinks is because he is interested) *eye roll*, and he wanted her to ask me what my deal was. *Pause* Seriously, have we gone back in time to high school, grade school even. Mind you this man is old enough to be my dad. *blank stare* At first I get upset because he is not bold enough to come ask me himself, then I laugh it off because it has no merit and should not even be an issue. So I just brush it off and tell her to tell him if he has an issue he can come to me himself.

So maybe he got the hint because the next day he comes to me and says he needs to ask me something when I get a chance. *scoffs* When I get a'm at work, I only have time to work, it's what I get paid for. Since this was the day of the storm I have yet to see him since then and will NOT be reaching out to him. He can come to me and I will try to be civil...which according to the guy I will not be able to do. The thing is I am very uncomfortable around this guy, I hate walking by him or even being around him. He creates a semi-hostile environment for me, and I don't like it.

At this point I feel like I am being harassed and perhaps I'm being dramatic, but people are CRAZY. And I don't want to risk anything taking a chance on a crazy person. So pray my strength during this situation cause workplace harassment is a serious issue. And further more since I rarely talk at work I would hate for the first extended conversation my coworkers hear me having is me laying out the janitor. *black woman stare*