Putting it all Out There

I'm going to do this because perhaps it's time (and Krystle put it out there on fb anyway...lol). I am the Fit person for May http://puttingthefitinfitness.blogspot.com/2011/05/fit-person-award-for-may.html  (I helped her come up with the name.)

This is one of my good friends blog. She is a fitness nut and health guru. She actually studied it in college, so she's legit and she's a registered nurse (I love my professional friends). She decided to start a fit person of the month. I got to be the first Gennie pig. Although it was touch and go I should thank Krystle for asking me to do this, she's been encouraging me in this process all along.

So when Krys first asked if I would do this I agreed because she's my friend and I had made 'some' progress, so why not share. I was cool up until she put it on fb for tons of our friends and family to see. Then all I could think of was the shame and embarrassment in the contrasting photos I gave her as before and after pictures. My heart sank thinking about what people would think of me, and how they would view the pictures. My feelings of insecurity started to run rapid. Now people have already noticed the change, and have freely commented on it from "did you lose some weight? to "you lost A LOT of weight." (although I think my family's reaction has taken the cake). Truth be told I can't see a BIG difference (or many of the differences others claim to see), other than my clothes fitting differently. So  in the beginning I was surprised people even noticed.

I felt like a contestant on the Biggest Loser (one of the reasons I never wanted to go on the Biggest Loser is because of the scale...I hate telling my weight)...which I have become a huge fan of now. To watch them be so successful at their weight lost goals is truly inspiring. At times I am jealous of their extreme success, but I'm trying to get there. I was hesitant to share my success before I reached my ultimate goal, because I still have a ways to go. But I guess it doesn't hurt to celebrate for the success I've had so far.

So here's to being "mildly" successful...and putting it all out there!
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