Jumping the Broom

So I saw Jumping the Broom last night (I don't get all the hype), it ok not bad but not great. I wasn't a huge fan of the acting, it could have been funnier, some parts were very awkward, I hate that in movies. Anywho like most things there there lessons that can be found in it.

First, your body is precious and you should be careful who you give it too, cliché, but true. I won't say any more on this because I am no expert, I'll just leave it at that.

Second, when you get married to someone you marry them and have to deal with their family and you inherit their family's baggage. Think about this before you say I do. Your in-laws maybe loud, country, ghetto, rude, but they are your soon-to-be family, and accepting that is half the battle. And just like your family you are stuck with them for life. Your wedding is one day, but family is forever. Remember that. Don't burn bridges over one day (can't stress this enough). Your wedding ultimately is a proud acknowledgement in front of friends and family of your love and devotion for one another. While the day should be special for you and your significant other remember that it's also about those you invite. After all unless you are getting married on a secluded island with nothing but a pastor, you are planning the wedding for friends and family. Include them in it, make them feel apart of it. Wear your grandmother's broach for your mom, it won't kill you nor will it ruin your day, but it will however bring your mother even more joy, so what's the harm in it? Don't let people walk over you and definitely make your own decisions, but be flexible. Family traditions are important don’t let them die because of your stubbornness, remember the wedding is just a day, but the marriage is forever.

People will constantly try to 'help' you plan your big day…it will drive you nuts mostly because it is just their desire to control things. Do not let this bother you. Do not entertain them. Understand most times this help comes from a good place. Be firm when letting them know that their help is not needed, but gentle enough that you are able to live with them afterwards. Again…one day versus a lifetime.

Next, EVERY wedding, again I can not stress every enough, has issues and some kind of shortcomings. Something will go wrong when planning your wedding or on the day of the wedding...the cater maybe late, bridesmaids may not fit into her dress, the dinner rolls maybe hard, your wedding dress maybe be late...but the challenge is not in the obstacle it is in overcoming the obstacle and your attitude in doing so. First, BE CALM…breath. Next, DELEGATE. Finally, LEAVE IT and MOVE ON.

Finally, your wedding, that one day will soon just be another day in the grand scheme of things. Focus more on your marriage then the wedding. Have fun planning the wedding, but remember the best (and worst) is yet to come. This is just one of the many mere symbols of your union. Remember why you fell in love, remember the intense emotion you feel on that day. These are the things that will carry you.