Random Passing Thoughts

It looks so beautiful outside…can't wait to get out there! And it's the weekend…YAY! Finally, this week I've gotten less than adequate sleep, and my body doesn't know how to act. Oh well. Anyway spring is here, GEEKED! Even though spring here last all of a week. First, it warms up then it cools down, then it jumps to hot. :-/ Next time I move, I'm moving somewhere they have all the seasons (especially my two favorites spring and fall).

Sitting here bopping to Cece Winans "I am" and thinking about the things I say then regret. Slightly annoyed I have to adapt to my surroundings because people are sensitive…and annoyed that I am sensitive cause of their sensitivity. I'm such a softy sometimes. Oh great now, Kirk Franklin's "More Than I can Bare" is on. Creepy guy keeps coming over to the breakroom and staring in my cube. I hate sitting across from the breakroom. He's so creepy...being here with him alone...smh. He probably wants to chat…Pass. 

I am very sensitive (internally) to people's words. I rarely share my sensitivity, I usually try to get over it. And I can forgive, but I very rarely forget…a blessing and a curse. I like this song. Probably because it reminds me of my teenage years. Good times. It has a good message too. I need to get this CD on my phone ASAP. I liked most of the songs. I like Kirk Franklin, thinking about picking up his new CD. I am using a lot of commas, some correct, some not, but it's to show the pauses that I have in my thinking.

I should do more of these random passing thought post more often. They are so much fun. It's like emptying your brain. I promised to help someone do something Saturday night, now I am mad I did although I don't have any plans. Alright, Marvin Sapp "Praise Him in Advance," someone had that line as a gtalk status "…praise will confuse the enemy…" didn't realize it came from this song. I knew it sounded familiar. Lol. I finished Women of Brewster Place for the second time. I like that movie, people say For Colored Girls is a remake of that. I think both movies help give black woman a voice. Most times we are portrayed as crazy these movies show our sensitive, vulnerable side which helps make us stronger (makes sense in my head).

I will probably post this without a proofread, so excuse any errors (or don't…I don't care either way…ha!). You know what I hate…people not following through with stuff they said they were going to do. I HATE THAT. If you said you were coming to call me back, or text me back. Or invite me over for dinner. Or have lunch with me. Or listen to a song I wrote. Or gtalk me back. Or start a new hobby. DO IT! I hate the lack of discipline some people have. Bygones.

Yes! Clark sisters "Is My Living in Vain?" bops head….*pretends to play the keyboard* I sooo happy right now (despite my minor annoyance)! I think that's my usually thing. I need to get annoyed (and be less internally sensitive) less. :-| Note to self…

Ok, I could do this for a while, but I this post would be super du duper long. So I'll stop here…and bid you a happy, spring filled weekend. *still bopping to The Clark Sisters*