No Strings Attached

So today the pastor’s message was heavy hitting. It was a direct critique of couple's words towards each other. He started by describing how things with strings can be taken back, but things without strings can not be taken back. Words are not attached to strings and therefore are stuck in the atmosphere once they are cast out there. He used the stories of Michal and David in 1 Samuel 18 and David, Nabal, and Abigail from 1 Samuel 25.

The story of Michal and David in 1 Samuel 18 is a story of unrequited love. Michal, daughter of Saul the King, was in love with David, one of the King's warrior. David was originally promised King Saul's older daughter, but Saul tricked him and gave his daughter away to another man. Later on Saul makes another deal with David to give him Michal. Saul soon learns that his daughter is actually very in love with David. This helps because Saul is plotting against David. He gives Michal to David (for Philistine foreskins...part of their deal, read it, I'm not lying O_O). Her father tells her of his plan to kill David. She tells David and helps him escape. She chose her husband over her father (the pastor made sure to say that is the way it should be...leave and cleave, people). Through this act Michal exemplifies the essence of unrequited love, yet it is never mentioned that David felt even slightly similar in any way. In fact, he return to get Michal until 20 years later after his escape. And he only wanted her returned to him as a political token after her father had died. During the time of his absence Michal was given to another man (2 Samuel 3). When her brother goes to retrieve her from her second husband, he cries as she leaves. I would imagine, as it is now, it is never cool for a man to cry so he must have felt some way about her leaving. Only later after David returns from a his quest to bring the ark (2 Samuel 6) back does Michal's anger overtake her. She watches as the man she has loved so long and hard is dances, rejoices, and hands out food to the locals. She watches this and is overcome with anger. She meets him in the courtyard to give him a piece of her mind, which consist of a sentence, after years of the hurt she has suffered because of David. Her words, cold and hard, cost her a child as noted that she is barren to death.

Next, the story of Abigail, the story of protecting love. Abigail is married to Nabal, which means 'fool'. They use the beginning of this story to describe Abigail's appearance and her way with words, and Nabal's harsh and evil doings. What a pair! One day Nabal is sent a message from David to which he replies with insults. David being the warrior that he is does not take kindly to this and declares war on Nabal's household. Abigail is warned by a servant of what is happening. Quickly she springs into action, loading donkeys with gifts and riding out to meet David before he gets to Nabal. She meets him and instantly begs for his mercy on her husband and their household. She holds herself responsible for not intercepting David's original message. Then she admonishes David to leave Nabal, the fool, alone because he has bigger fish to fry. She notes that fact that he is in line to become King, and this should not be his concern. Her passionate monologue ends with a more selfish note as she tells him when he does becomes King remember her (*wink wink*). And he does just few days later Nabal dies and David takes Abigail as his wife. All because of her words of wisdom and endearment to him.

Two woman, two stories of the difference words can make. Although both were in love less marriages they both choose vastly different ways to deal with those marriages. As I have indicated on here tons of times relationships are hard work. I do question Abigail's happiness, but I guess in the end she was still was a winner. She was rewarded for her faithfulness to her husband. The pastor bid the Abigail's of the congregation his sincerest "God be with you." But assured them that their words can make a huge difference in their union. While there is also more that should be done, this is start...Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words cut you DEEP.

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