The Moving Target of Contentment and Acceptance

I really have nothing in particular to blog about, although the longer I sit and think that opposite may be true. Until I find something else I'll give a life update.

First, I am working on finding a true passion, passion that drives me to be the best in what I do. I think I may have an idea now, but I am waiting on a special sign.

Next, I am becoming more contentment just by accepting life for what it is. I was thinking by doing this I was accepting mediocrity, but I think I have realized that it is just the opposite. Acceptance doesn't have to mean you are settling nor does it have to be the final note. Contentment and acceptance come from learning where you are, so you are able to do more in the future. This time last year I was struggling with so much (different blog for a different time), it wasn't until the end of year I began to realize accepting and embracing where I am in life helps me see the panoramic picture. This way when I while I improve I continue to learn and become better. In order to go on to bigger and better things I have to be thankful, contentment, and accepting of what I have right now. I have been giving a number of talents and gifts…and blessings galore...and "to whom much is given much is required." I think I have realized that by not accepting where I am now I was not living up to my full potential. So what's this all mean? It means contentment is the best way to reach your highest least for me.

It's almost spring (this is only about 2 weeks in Huntsville, so I have to savor it quickly)...I love spring for its (re)newness like budding trees and flowers, my birthday, the weather (the nice balance of hot and cold), *whispers* did I mention my birthday...This is the first year in a long time I am looking forward to my birthday. I am usually not excited, but I guess times are changing...and according to me change is good.

I knew as I typed things would just start to flow.

My relationships have started to define and redefine themselves. I have reached some very nice places in my relationships with people these days. I have let some people go, I have gotten let go, I have improved relationships, I have enhanced relationships. I am learning what healthy relationships look like, what they feel like, and what benefits they should and should not have. Although the process at times is painful...I am thankful for the journey.

Finally, I know I seem like I am in a great place right and loving life. And I couldn't agree more, but I realize that life is never ending journey with mountain peaks and valley lows. My current attitude comes from nothing, but God's grace and mercy, my ability to see a need and make changes, and my acceptance of life as I (currently) know it. In the end I believe that it is my ultimate acceptance of contentment being a moving target that helps me accept life for what it is and, most importantly, what it can be.
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