False Sense of Urgency and Emergency

I have recently noticed that most people, myself included, have a false sense of urgency and emergency. What is urgent? What is an emergency? These are things that require immediate attention or adverse consequences could ensue. But where most people fail is determining the amount of urgency that should be attached to an emergency. First off lack of planning on your part does NOT constitute urgency on someone else. Personally, I will not rush or rearrange my schedule because you have failed to plan. This is the first mistake people make...don't do this. Combat this by planning ahead (or by finding someone who shares your urgency for the emergency).

I have made a small list of emergencies and non-emergencies (for those who struggle with the difference).

You were shot (in the head, chest or major artery)
You have pain in your chest
You are in the middle of a nuclear war

***For these emergencies please call 9-1-1

You don't know how to do something and you waited to the last minute to try…
You forgot an ingredient at the store
You were late for you hair appointment, now you have to wait
You have a run in your stockings
You need a report
You need bail (perhaps you should used this time to think about what you have done)

***For these emergencies please get a G-R-I-P

There is no fire and, furthermore, I am not a firefighter…
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