Day 12 → Something you never get compliments on.

Something I never get compliments for...well how would I know. My unique way of looking at the world, although I suppose that's cause it not unique *shrug*. I don't get complimented on my advice. I think I give sound, reasonable advice. Sometimes I'm sure my bluntness turns people off, but the truth is the truth. I never get complimented on my bluntness with tact... I don't get complimented on my ability to conform...cause most the time I don't conform. I've tried that adjusting and blending in, but in the end it's just not me. I must march to the beat of my own drum.

This should have been what do you get complimented on that you don't like or that you do like. Well even though 'they' didn't ask I'll tell ya. I hate getting 'complimented' on my massive, manly, toned calves. I don't know how they got that way, but I wish the rest of my body would follow I'm trying to embrace them more, so thanks for the compliments and bear with me. I love compliments about how I dress or the way I carry myself. Always makes me feel like my mom and I did something right. I hate getting compliments on my 'good hair'. It's hair...and either it looks good or bad, screw the texture. I have always and will always hate the 'good and bad hair' debate.(Although I love song about it in Spike Lee's School Daze...makes me giggle....good and bad hair see if I care...). I love shoe compliments, cause I love shoes. I like being complimented on my relationship. :) I like when my husband compliments me. ;)

Oh I almost forgot compliments I love to give....I love telling people how awesome they are. I love telling people why they are special or important to me. I love complimenting other women on their features (yes guys we notice too). I mean if you're gorgeous, you're gorgeous. I love complimenting people on their talents. Honestly I just love complimenting people to see the sheer joy on their face when they receive it.

So the moral of the story is...give a compliment today...give 50.