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Listening to Fantasia's 'Bittersweet' …not a bad song. It has actually grown on me, much like the American Idol herself. I didn't watch the whole season of American Idol that year, but I heard a few choice songs, and the girl had some pipes. I heard her story over and over again, watched her lifetime movie…*sigh*… At that point I was more impressed with her voice. Although, I did feel like she was treated unfairly when it came to her being an unwed mother…But, hey, that's society for you, we pick and choose and judge according to our own morals and value system which is screwed anyway, so she never had a chance. I liked that she took on the challenge.

It's Fantasia seemingly down-to-earth attitude, her faith, and personality that intrigue me. Most importantly it's her willingness to show she is human and to expose her flaws (as if she has much choice with the position she is in). Her ability to stay true to herself is something that I find perplexing at time. If I was a celebrity I can imagine how hectic life would get and how at times I would just want a break from it all. I am sure that is how a lot of celebrities feel, Fantasia included. But I appreciate celebrities who can show that side, and I get that from her.

It's not Fantasia's hard luck story that makes her rise above the rest to me. I think it's her ability to make me feel like I can relate to her (even though most times I can't)…I guess I feel like she is more human than most celebrities pretend to be. Recently, she has been in the media about her affair with a married man. Is he not to blame too? Was he not involved? I love how we always go after the woman...but that is another blog. What I will say is 'we have all sinned and come short of His glory.' Fantasia is human and that does not make her any less susceptible to faults and failures. She wants to be loved and love just like the rest of us. I can bet if you think hard enough you can think of some people you know who have been in the same or a similar situation. But of course, when you are a celebrity it is magnified.

So when Fantasia For Real started I had no desire to watch, all I could think is 'oh boy another celebrity reality show…where they show us, look we're human too'... thanks.. Then I listened to her interview she did with Oprah. I felt the sincerity that she seemed to have, and the reverence when she spoke of her faith, and I was very surprised (It's a sincerity I've only seen with 2 other celebrities I can think of). Sure celebrities get up at award shows/banquets and gush about how thankful they are and how they owe everything to God…blah…blah…blah. But how many of them acknowledge him day-to-day activities or in all or even most of the interviews they do? How many of them acknowledge His presence or grace and mercy any other time than when the spotlight is on them in good graces.

I did start watching Fantasia's show and I see what seems to be a person who is trying to survive. I see someone trying to survive with the help of the people who are suppose to be there for you the most, her family. Yes, her family is crazy…but she loves them. And she shows them for who they are…it's the family she has come to love, why should she hid them in the background? I appreciate the fact that she doesn't shield them. {Side note: I know everyone thinks her brother, Teeny, is crazy, but we all know someone like him…I know I do.} Not only does she admit her short comings she seems to be trying to make them better. I don't know many people who would admit to a room full of people that at 25, they are on a 7th grade level as far as education is concerned, let alone a celebrity. People would be more willing to admit to a drinking or pain killer addition. In the end, I believe that Fantasia is truly blessed more than she even thinks.
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