Family Secrets

I'm sitting here wanting to blog, and I was going to write my anniversary blog tonight. However I was interrupted by a phone call from my aunt (the 3rd time tonight...5th time in a week), and I answered. Needless to say I will not be writing my anniversary blog tonight. But since I am at the computer and my aunt is giving me amo I will blog.

Most of my conversations with my aunt are incoherent and consist mainly of me listening and her talking (a lot of my conversations with a lot of my aunts are like However, this aunt is much, much different than the others. I am beginning to think that something is wrong. Why do I think that? Welp the signs of distress are clearly there. I wish I could help, but still waters run deep. Still waters...the place where secrets are buried. Waters that I am just learning about and secrets that lie far beyond the surface. Every family has secrets kept hidden away. Secrets that bind them. Secrets that tear them apart. Secrets that do more harm than good. Secrets that destroy families.

If I had to guess I would imagine that God gave us families to give us a place that's familiar, a place where we feel love. He gave us people who we can count on, supposedly, through thick and thin. When did family become a place of disappointment, failure, and insecurity? When will that open honest atmosphere reappear? A place where we feel welcomed, a place where we can express ourselves? A place where love abounds? When does the healing start? When do we start to help? When do we finally take notice that the secrets that we have are what keep us apart?

I think this all happens when we start taking notice of the problems and address them. When we no longer turn a blind eye to what is going on. When we step up to the plate and realize you didn't choose your family nor did they choose you but this is what you have to work with. Life if complicated enough without the secrets...choose contentment and family over the secrets.
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