Happy Anniversary (Finally)

I decided this year that cards will never do any justice to show how I really feel. They are great in a pinch, but nothing says it like the words from my heart. And to have yearly reminder that will live forever which I think is fabulous. It's like shouting my love from the mountain top and the echo continues forever.

So here it goes...

All the marriage advice I ever want to give is in What I learned after being married 1 year, 5 months, 10 days and counting...I am no therapist nor do I claim to be. Nor do I think I have a picture perfect marriage or am I the poster child for one. I do believe that I have found a good fit for me and what works for me.

I can't pinpoint the exact moment I feel in love, or explain what it feels like or tell you what you might be missing. Love is best described to me as 'to each his own'...What I can say is you can't always help who you fall in love with (although some people really try…), but you can definitely choose who you marry... four years later I'm still happy with the person I fell in love with and two years later I still happy with th person who I married... More importantly I am happy they were both one in the same. I won't romanticize or idolize my marriage...we have disagreements, flaws and faults. I know I will never be perfect and neither will he...and I am ok with that...for now ...kidding …but seriously that is what makes MY (I stress my because well this is my blog and it’s about me…lol) marriage work. Knowing the good, bad and ugly and still loving.

The biggest thing I realized once I got married is the amount of surrender that happens, most people (even I) resist, but eventually submit to for it is truly where the secret in marriage lies in my opinion. You never want to feel dependent on one person, mainly because we (society) have made it such a big deal to be in control and in charge. But the more I live, learn and love I realize that surrender (dependence) can be sweet…sweet surrender…a warm place where comfort abounds and love is free to grow and prosper. That sweet surrender is the safe feeling you have with your partner, it doesn't make your marriage perfect, but it helps you to know where you belong, and who has your back.

So to my best friend and life partner…I love you. I made a vow 2 years ago through sickness and health, better or worst, richer or poorer that I would love you. And I am trying daily to keep up my end of the bargain. I thank you for accepting me as I am even when it's dificult to do so…here's to another year of fun and friendship together.


Yours Truly xoxo
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