The Best of ...Anita Baker

Today is an Anita Baker day, the opposite of a #yellow day. It's a day of reflection. Well it's actually a month of reflection. I'll share some through my journey.

But for today I want to write about Anita Baker, one of my favorite artist. If you know me then you know I LOVE Anita Baker, second only to Boyz II Men. I love her voice, her classic style and her songs. Each song speaks in volumes. From Lead Me into Love where she begs to be guided into a place of magic where lovers reside. To Ain't No Need To Worry, her powerful gospel ballad with the Winans that assures that there is no need to worry what tomorrows gonna bring, it'll be all over in the morning. And nothing says it like I Apologize. What relationship is not without conflict? In this song she explains the trials of those conflicts and the necessaity of an apology sometimes. You're My Everything says it all...plain and simple. And what's love without the Mystery?

One of my absolute favorites is Fairy Tales that speaks of the truths that most of us miss because of the fantasies that remember from fairy tales. Like We Used To Do with Babyface makes me want to sway, all though it reminisces of where love sometimes goes wrong. Nothing is classic as Angel....and You're the Best Thing Yet. And who can forget Just Because about accepting destiny and running with it, being loved just because you are you. And who can forget Body and Soul she pleads to be loved body and soul, that along with Same Ole Love "from beginning to end, 365 days of the year..." This one makes me want to close my eyes and rock "'I've always told you I'd give anything...Whatever it takes to make you happy, whatever it takes to make you smile, whatever it takes to make you feel good." Anita's You Bring Me Joy captures the feeling of new and true love. And what more could anyone ask for but that you give them the best that you've got, and Giving the You the Best That I Got says just that ('I bet everything on my wedding ring'). No One in the World can love like that special one and Anita does her best to let them know.

Words left unspoken can cause for far too many questions, which is why It's Been You leaves us knowing it all. Anita shows her strong side in No More Tears, sometimes your eyes dry out, and all you can do is move on. Love free of shame and boast-worthy, that's Sweet Love. It's not always easy, but sometimes you got to let it out. Anita encourages shelter from the storm of life and relaxing your pride long enough to get it off your chest in Talk to Me. Ever had love that keeps a smile on your face? Yep, nothing like it...that Good Love! And if that works soon you'll be Caught Up in the Rapture with nothing but sweet memories in the end, How Does It Feel?

In the end, I really appreciate the music Anita Baker creates. She possess a true unique gift in her voice. I can listen to her and truly reflect. Her music speaks of real and lost, the good and the bad, the truths and the misconceptions. In a time and era when it's hard to find music I like. I rest in fact that at one time it did exist. Here's to you Anita! Happy listening!