That's what Friends are For

So a while ago I did a post on friends, telling my friends why I love them So You Call Yourself My Friend...Well skip forward to this year, and True Friendship: Branching Out only to be caught in the middle, More than a Friend..., and Friendliness = Friends.

I gave up on some of my friends because I felt like they couldn't provide all that I needed. I felt like if I couldn't confide in them my deepest darkest secrets then they weren't my friends. Well I realized something important last weekend as my 'friends' got to work helping my with my parents 30th anniversary party. Friends come in all forms, and some are there for special reasons…to tell you the truth even when it hurts or upsets you (Candace, Krystle), to be a listening ear (Naya), to travel with (Kell), to help in a pinch (Danielle), to give you the light and airy feeling you need (Deanna, Mellena, Jacquece, Jen), to sympahtize (Lianna, Erica), to make you laugh (Stacie), to experience something fresh and new (Kenyata, Lala, Ebony), my new best friend for life (Matt) and sometimes just for notaglia (Kristyn, Melanie). ***disclaimer some of you fit into multiple categories***

I know that most of the people listed I don't talk to on a daily or even sometimes on a monthly basis. And for some our season might have passed. But you were a blessing and a lesson while passing through. I still love all you and wish you nothing but the best. I appreciate the gift of friendship we cherish(ed).

So if you want to know I came to this conclusion because of the events of the past few weeks. All long stories with even longer theories attached to them, but in short I realized friendship is less about me and more about us. The collective journey we have together. It's impossible to have any type of relationship, solo. Accepting that I am not an island and that I have built bridges with those around me, and I should use them, is the first step in most growing in a relationship. Leaning on each other no matter what the case maybe. And the most important conclusion I came to is all paths (bridges) usually lead different directions, and that's not a bad thing. You have to go different ways to experience new things. As we grow and evolve so do our relationships, and that's ok. Contentment lies upon you, and not the path you choose. ;)
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