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My second twitterview is someone I've known since college, but I am just getting to know on a different level. He convinced me not to leave twitter after my pride was crushed, so guess that counts for something...He's none other than Slai23.

Introduce yourself (be creative...what do you want people to know): Hi! I'm Steven, an internationally known but locally respected Graduate Student at Texas A&M. I greatly enjoy basketball and emerging technology. I also am a semi-retired sneaker freak.

What is your favorite thing about yourself? My ability to connect with a wide range of people. I'm comfortable in most any situation.

Favorite song to dance to? Hmm....I don't have a favorite. Maybe Thriller?

Favorite song to cry to? I can't recall ever crying to a song. Possibly "This
can't be life" off of Jay-z's Roc La Familia album. Put it on driving to my grandmother's wake with my cousins.

When are you at your silliest? At all times. Seriously but more silly when I'm around close friends and family.

When is the last time you laughed so hard you cried or almost peed on yourself? Can't really recall. Probably that time I got into a MMS war with Clifton. We both nearly got each other fired for laughing at our cubicles.

What do you believe in the most? That most people, when given the chance to be great, regardless of their background, won't seize that opportunity.

What makes you GREAT? My ability to focus and force people to perform at their best. In life, I am also -like Mike- clutch.

What is your greatest accomplishment to date? Graduating Oakwood University, being a good son and family member/friend, and being part of a stable (going on 10 years!) happy relationship with my girlfriend. (3 way tie).

Me: So let's talk about your 'happy' relationship... :) Is she the 'one'?

Slai23: Definitely, I have a great relationship. We are on the same page and feel pretty strongly about the main points of uniting and starting a family.

Me: What do you love about her?

Slai23: Wow. Ummm....Her temperament, the way she treats people and her uncanny ability to keep me grounded. Her levelheadedness and lack of presumptive air even though she has every right to be a snob. The way she gets along with my friends and has seamlessly integrated into my family to the point that my family tells her stuff they don't tell me, lol.

Me: What is the best advice you can give relationship wise?

Slai23: I guess for me is that I am a living example that when you don't force it and approach a relationship patiently you can gain more than anyone ever could rushing their life or not waiting for God. Although my relationship has not gone to the next level it will all in good time. So I guess my advice in a nutshell is, don't rush.

Me: Do you think your girlfriend makes better person and vice versa? Is that important to you?

Slai23: Absolutely. We balance and stabilize each other. We have also influenced each other and expanded our horizons politically and culturally. Yes. It has become more important over the duration of the relationship due to me not knowing what I was missing pre-'Eb'. Lol

What is one thing that makes you..YOU? My varied taste and knowledge of things both random and useful. This in most cases flies against the stereotypes of my race and ethnicity. I greatly enjoy that.

What is your passion? Basketball, technology, and getting on with my life post school.

What is your biggest pet peeve? Proud displays of ignorance. Read a book! Don't boast that you don't know what I'm talking about!

When is the last time you lost your cool? My former pastor here in College Station made some disparaging remarks about youth within the Church. I heated up a bit.

Me: Any questions for me since you let me pick your brain?

Slai23: Why do you think you and 'Eb' have hit it off?

Me: Good one...Probably because we think very similarity, and she reminds me of some of my close friends. Very down to earth, easy to get along with, fun, smart, honest...we share many common interest reading, talking about you guys (, cooking, and so on and so forth.

Slai23: Yeah. Because you 2 seemed to just blow up since last year or so...'Eb' needs good friends because she has opened up and been friends with people who have not been as good a friend in return as she has been to them.

Me: Yeah me too, I say that to Matt all the time

Slai23: I'm really happy you all talk. Takes the pressure off of me to be her buddy. LOL that sounds bad but its true.

Me: Lol thanks...sounds like something my significant other would say...smh

SLai23: Lol...And what has ebony told you about me??

Me: Told me about you?! Oh nothing...not much that I didn't already know

Slai23: Ha! Tell the truth. And what did you know?! From just hanging out with you . And....what did 'Eb' tell you?

Me: Well... You all seem happy, I know you have your up and downs like most couples. I see some of the traits that draw me to Matthew and those that make me shake my head and so I understand 'Eb's strife at times

Slai23: Huh?! What makes you shake your head?!

Me: Well... You both are very focused when it comes to most things expect your significant other at times *shh you didn't hear that from me* (it's part of thing we love and hate) Y'all are both strong headed ...You do mostly what you want to do .

Slai23: Except our significant others?! We focus on y'all too..

Me: Uh when it convenient, but we are usually not the priority . It's how you all operate . It's more like a faulty wire thing

Slai23: Biased! I am sure you all are our focus.

Me: At times perhaps... Consider your day... Other than work, what's the next most important part of your day . Does 'Eb' make it on the list daily? Is there always a spot for her?

Slai23: Yes...I do my best to make contact every day.

Me: Not contact ...Special time, quality time ...So that she knows, she was not a passing thought ...Very few men do that ... Sorry :(

Slai23: Hmmm ...Quality time eh? I always argue with 'Eb' that when I'm with her its quality time. She doesn't buy into that .

Me: I don't buy it either . You sound just like Matt , lol!

Slai23: There is nothing wrong with this point of view! We show our affection by being visible and present.

Me: LOL! Really visible and present?! There are lots of things visible and present . We need more effort . Ask Eb...she'll explain it . And listen to her . We need more than visibility and presence ...We can get a dog for that...*no offense*

Slai23: Grrr...

Me: Ok I think I'm done now go hug and kiss 'Eb'

Slai23: Lol ok
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