Twitterview - BeauTfllyBrwn

So here it is my first twitterview from one of my favorite followers, BeauTfllyBrwn. I've learned to appreciate her over the past year almost, and hopefully, you can too. Enjoy!

Introduce yourself (be creative...what do you want people to know): Hi! I'm Danielle, I prefer to be called Nikki which is short for Nicole (my middle name) but for some reason Dani sticks *UGH*. I'm 27 years old, no children yet but I would love to be a mother. *this sounds like a eHarmony ad* lol. I'm goofy but blunt. I'm a fun-loving chunky girl lol. I a black girl who loves rock and plays classical music on the piano. I'm a spades master, football loving, adventurous and restless woman! Very nocturnal as most know and I hate liars... It all boils down to I'm imperfectly human!

What is your favorite thing about yourself? That I always try to remain truthful, honest and unbiased

Favorite song to dance to? Beenie Man 'MMM MMM'

Favorite song to cry to? Right now? “Unthinkable”, all-time? “Dangerously in Love”

Me: So what's the back ground behind "Unthinkable" and Dangerously in Love?
BeauTfllyBrwn: The background for those two have are the men I loved on my life. Dangerously in love was my ex 'J'. It was crazy . I still love him til this day and always wonder about him. Unfortunately we did not stay friends . He's embodies my dream attributes the most. That's why in still attracted and love him. Yes he's tall dark Caesar cut, healthy physique, thick eyebrows...I don't know what it is with me and Thick eyebrows lol...big everything else... hands, feet etc ...powerful and confident. We communicated no matter what ...he just wasn't trusting, and was a Jerk. His power turned into arrogance. He's goal orientated and strived for success. He challenged me in all aspects of life... Okay now I realize I loved him more than I thought. Other people also ruined our relationship.

Me: Oh wow, sounds like a reunion might be in order ...sounds like a good guy on paper, but #nobueno

BeauTfllyBrwn: Oh...'J' is married now. Now “Unthinkable” was me falling in love with my best friend of 10+ years . Now the best friend is 'R'. We stepped on a lot of toes crossing that line ...It took me to move to Nashville to realize I love him. At his graduation he tried to change us then but I told him no he had a girlfriend. I didn't want to admit it then, lol. When I got home a month later I drunk dialed and told him I had feelings for him too . I moved to Chicago for school, but he and I were dating other people. He got his girl pregnant. I moved back here after that year and he chose her . I was too much of a free spirit he said . He came to visit and told me he never loved me he was confuse .

Me: Wow...

BeauTfllyBrwn:Yea I've had few loves but they were big... it takes me a long time to fall in love and when I do it's big

Me: I think that's the way it should be

BeauTfllyBrwn: It is. I never really regret it. I appreciate each lesson they've taught me. I just hate starting over . So love songs are how I cry.

Me: Oh yeah I enjoy the lessons after the pain subsides
BeauTfllyBrwn: I never really cry in front of them. Or much at all...Alan is the only man that has seen me cry . We go out and have fun but I refuse to go directly back to where we were . I'm still at the I'll sit down when you propose.

Me: Sounds like a plan.

When are you the silliest? Always but definitely when I'm sleepy

When is the last time you laughed so hard you cried or almost peed on yourself? Today! The comments on the Lakers/Celtic game was HILARIOUS

What do you believe in the most? God is an obvious answer, but I believe in living and enjoying life to the fullest. Also that complacency is NOT an option

What makes you GREAT? My family, especially my Mom and Dad. They've molded me into a great individual. I always strive to be loving, caring, understanding, honest, and forthcoming. I want to be the best friend, mom, daughter, wife, sister etc. So I'm always striving to improve or top myself; that makes me great!

What is your greatest accomplishment to date? Finally deciding on my career path and returning to school, I overcame my biggest obstacle which is myself. I've thrown excuses out the window and decided that I WILL succeed in anything I choose to. I believed in myself.

What is one thing that makes you..YOU? I love being different and don't apologize for it. I don't follow the masses. I think outside the box and I understand I am not the world. My compassion for everybody and everything in it allows me to do so. I love life. Lord this list can really go on and on and on and on lol.

What is your passion? What are you passionate about? I'm passionate about Music, Hair, Art and Architecture. Now if I could get ALL of that in one occupation that would be Nirvana lol.

What is your biggest pet peeve? People spending MY time for me. DON'T make plans for me, DON'T make any commitments for me and DON'T change plans without informing me. OMG it drives me BATTY!

When is the last time you lost your cool? Lol, Wednesday evening... My Mom MADE PLANS FOR ME to help my cousin relocate her storage. I've seen 3 u-haul trucks and made countless trips in a pick-up truck in the last 3 weeks. I'm tired of moving furniture and boxes, BUT it's family so I suck it up and do it. Now mind you It's 95 degrees outside @ 6pm. I'm cute and dressed up from my interview with Paul Mitchell The School. My Mom kidnaps me to do this... 5 hours later I'm drenched in sweat my hair is fro'd up (I only got a few hours out of my straightening session early that morning), I'm operating off 3 hours of sleep, and no food. My cousin and Mom sits there and debates about how to put the drawers to the dresser in the back of the truck, to deliver to my other cousin who is very ungrateful and NOT helping so I flipped. Lol.

What is your dream man? - Ummm my "dream" man would physically consist of beautiful dark brown smooth skin with gorgeous white teeth, full lips, tall, dreads or Caesar, healthy physique (not too small and not too big), nicely formed back, and that line that follows the pelvic separation *ahem* *fans self*, oh and BIG everything else lol ;) Now more importantly I want an intelligent man, a man that can teach me something. One I can debate and discuss politics, sports, literature, anything with. A man that makes me want to constantly improve myself so we can grow together. A communicator because I cannot read minds and I don't like having to solely rely on my ability to read body language. Mmm and a powerful man. I'm a very aggressive woman so I like a man to 'put' me in my place lol. Of course honesty but more importantly trusting, I do not need the scars from previous women; I check my bags at the door he needs to check his too. Confidence... there is nothing sexier. Goal-oriented, God-fearing and family-oriented.

Me: Um I love your dream man description ....hilarious, but very detailed

BeauTfllyBrwn: Lol...I didn't want to go crazy with it just the important stuff

Me: Lol, the important stuff like the line that follows the pelvic separation?

BeauTfllyBrwn: Lol that's so sexy. I've recently 'enjoyed' my ex 'Reg' he was so fit when we were younger and he had that line . He put on weight on and it looks so good on him and he still has that line . He's so different than my average . He's mixed. Very light dark blond curls but so hood . He's 'Blackstone' ...hazel eyes ...I used to braid his block boy. Smh. Puppy love. Our affair was off and on since I was 16, but he wasn't ready he was in the streets . I went to TSU, and he had 3 kids . He finally got his GED and he's pursuing a associates now. He is why I consider the child's age before dating . No more drama since.

Me: We should have had this chat at lounge with snacks and cocktails . Ok before I get off task....what is the best advice you can give?

BeauTfllyBrwn: Take each experience, each relationship that doesn't work out as a lesson learn; if you cannot do that don't enter another until you do. Baggage ruins relationships and hinders key factors that makes a relationship last; i.e. communication, honesty, and trust . Don't loose yourself in a relationship. It's okay to have activities outside of him and understand he needs that time also to enjoy his. STOP NAGGING! If I have to nag we're not effectively communicating.

Me: Well I had to know a bit more . :)