My Twitterview Questions - SoCuteSoCoy

So to be fair I answered the twitterview questions myself---

Introduce yourself (be creative...what do you want people to know): I am whatever I say I am…plain and simple

What is your favorite thing about yourself? I have a love, hate relationship with my ability to care.

Favorite song to dance to? Let’s see I like Boyz II Men’s Techno (but I hate techno in general, but it’s Boyz II Men, so I can make an exception) song…Bounce, Shake, Move, Swing, I also recently learned the dance to Get Me Bodied by Beyonce. But I’ll dance to anything generally.

Favorite song to cry to? Encourage Yourself – I listen to it when I need some encouragement…It reminds God is a present help. I find I rely less and less on people, which requires me to lean and rely on God. I keep everything in until I’m ready to pop...and this song is a release.

When are you the silliest? Um…always…I can always find something to laugh at…even if it is myself, but late at night, and usually around my close friends

When is the last time you laughed so hard you cried or almost peed on yourself? An episode of Meet the Browns…I know Brown stands for everything I stand against, but I know people like him, and that show is hilarious.

What do you believe in the most? God’s grace and mercy, and his continuous love of sinners…that fact that you can never stray too far.

What makes you GREAT? Being willing to admit I have flaws and I am human….knowing I have not made it, and I’m far from making it…makes me GREAT

What is your greatest accomplishment to date? Finishing my MBA while moving out my apartment, planning a wedding, maintaining a relationship, working full-time…. although I down play it…It was amazing and I only made by God’s grace and mercy.

What is one thing that makes you...YOU? My ability to be proactive…my need to help…my need to avoid mediocrity at all costs…by ability to try daily to become a better person…my need to repent daily….

What is your passion? What are you passionate about? I’ve only been trying to figure this out for a while now. I like to cook. I LOVE to write. I have several short stories, poems, and even started a play. I wrote my school song…and part of the senior class song. I also want to make a difference, it really breaks my heart to see people hurting, and not be able to do anything about it.

What is your biggest pet peeve? CLUTTER!!!! If you don’t need it, get rid of it. Smacking food or gum and popping gum (my mom hates that too), talking down to me, people refusing to be anything, but great because of their circumstances, Mediocrity…yes I have quite a few, I know…I'm in a support group

When is the last time you lost your cool? It takes a lot for me, but I would say the other day when someone had a misunderstanding with me and did everything in their power to avoid confronting the issue and me…I hate confrontation, but I like the facts to be straight. And in this case I didn’t feel like they were…and we’re suppose to be cool (that is what frustrated me the most). Stuff like doesn’t sit well with me especially when I try to reach out and clear up the misunderstanding…but bygones.

Describe your dream man. The most important thing is someone who gets me, someone who understands the complex simplicity I am. His goals parallel mine. He is financial stable, and is financially responsible. He is mature. He is able to correct me in love. He is intelligent and he is not threatened by my success (cause I succeed…even when I fail…ok I know too much…lol). He respects me, and what I stand for. He understands that neither he nor I are perfect. He is a provider. He is attentive. We share the same beliefs and values…I refuse to be unequally yoked. He is ambitious…as stated above mediocrity is not an option. He always strives to be better. He expresses himself well. He is neat and clean. He is hard-worker. He has faith. He gets along well with others. This is the main stuff…I’ll spare you the rest…plus I’ve already have my man. ;)