Is this Me?!

I learned something about myself this week...I have not been honest with myself. Not sure of the exact reasons but I think maybe if I think if I say it out loud it might be true and I might have to deal with it. I believe that I have had somewhat of an epiphany...I have realized that my issues are like an onion...they are layered. I have been trying to focus on the small layers (issues) and have not addressed the biggest layer (issues). So I believe the biggest issue is the way I am or have been lately is not's just not who I am...It's almost like I'm someone completely different...not sure yet if it's good or bad...or if I want to change it...or what exactly I want to change...I guess I do want to change somethings, but haven't really decided what. I guess I am glad that I am finally looking at the bigger picture and trying to organize and get it together. So until then searching for contentment in layers... :)
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