Little White 'friendship' Lies

Some people just can't handle the truth, better yet some people don't really want to hear the truth they would rather experience it on their own. Even better than that you can't tell grown folks what to do...

However I can't help to think that maybe if I was more honest it would have at least put more of a bug in their ear.

Friend: Do you think we have a good relationship?
Me: Um well I haven't seen you interact that much, so can't really say (cop out)
Should have said: You both have a lot of things to work on have a lot of open ends and that's not going to work in this type of situation. Or going to make for a great relationship.

Friend: We're getting married.
Me: (in my head) you're crazy....your totally not ready. (Outloud) Oh wow...
Should have said: Do you think your ready? It's a huge step and you can't undue it once it done. I know you know that, but from my perspective this is not a good idea.

Friend: He's not ready for a relationship...
Me: If you are you should say so you deserve so much more.
Should have said: Are you ready? Then you tell him, and if he can't get with that, maybe it's time to move on Don't stand for that *ish. You don't have too, they're too many people who would jump at the opportunity to be with you.

Friend: He's not serious
Me: Oh really? Interesting...
Should have said: Nope he's not and frankly neither are you...don't waste your you did on the last 5 guys who had the same MO as him.

I know what you're thinking...don't save them...they don't want to be saved (I couldn't resist). But like most people I love I want to protect my friends. I know heart break and hard lessons are inevitable (especially for stubborn people)...but you can't blame a girl for trying.

But the truth is I haven't been completely honest all the time. I've sugar-coated and filtered messages because sometimes (most times) my views are unpopular and I feel like people can't handle the whole unfiltered, unsweetented truth. Yes the truth full-on is hard to hear, but it's also hard to deliver.

Anyway I said all this to say I want to be more honest with all my friends, with myself, and vice versa. I want to feel like they are telling me the whole truth and nothing but the truth, and that I am doing the same for them. Sometimes it's hard to see something when you're in the thick of it. Someone with a more panoramic view might be helpful in assessing the situation.

I don't know everything and I don't claim to know everything, but what I do know is this. Lies no matter what color, hue or how big or small don't benefit anyone in the long run. We became friends for a reason and now it's time to see if that friendship can truly stand the test of time and honesty.

Finding contentment in telling the truth in friendships...