100 reasons Why I Am Thankful

Why am I thankful?! Cause I have so much to be thankful for...for a while now I've been having some issues, big and small. I'm normally a very positive person...I try my best to look at the silver lining even when it's too small to see with the human eye (lol). And lately that has just not been my MO...not really sure why...jury's still out on that...So in order to create a more positive outlook I put myself on punishment...do nothing else until you come up with 100 things you're thankful for. Why you ask did I do this? To help me see the silver lining...some of the things on here are big...some very small...but all things that I am thankful for.

Making this list was a challenge especially since I only had a weekend. Why such a quick turnaround? Because why put off what you can do today...I needed myself to make this important like anything else I would do if I was getting paid or getting a grade for it. I needed this for my sanity to show myself even when things are bad...they aren't really that bad. I needed myself to understand that I have so much to be thankful for.

I will be honest getting to 100 was a true chore, but on any given day I'm sure there are 100 things I should be grateful for that I overlook because they are so microscopic. So without anymore extra 'words' here's my list:

1.I’m thankful for my belief in the Most High…sometimes it’s just the thought that helps
2.I’m thankful for my mom and dad and everything that have done and will continue to do for me....I love them to death!! Even when they drive me crazy.
3.Of course I’m thankful for my life partner…someone who thought I was worthy enough to be with for life. (sometimes it amazes me)
4.I’m thankful for my extended family…they also made me who I am…so they should both apologize and be thankful :)
5.I am thankful for being slightly sheltered…sheltered enough to know I'm safe, but also free enough to experience on my own
6.I am thankful for my health…I’m trying more and more every day by watching what I eat and exercising to show how thankful I am
7.I’m thankful for private school education all the way through college and being debt-free when I got out…
8.I am thankful for being well-rounded
9.I am thankful for music…Daryl Coley, Boyz II Men, Anita Baker, India.arie, Chrisette Michele, Jill Scott, Kindred the Family Soul, Musiq, Joe, Algebra, Lauryn Hill, Maxwell, Chaka Khan, Tamia, Brandy, Kelly Price, Jazmine Sullivan, Stevie Wonder, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, and a ton more…
10.I’m thankful for the person I was and the person I am to become (by God’s grace)
11.I’m uber thankful for my house…I was a homeowner before 24…a feat not accomplished by most
12.I’m thankful for my job, and hopefully soon a career
13.I’m thankful for my car that I have had since sophomore year in college from my parents (told you they were a blessing)
14.I’m thankful for the blessed hope…”O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?’ – 1 Corinthians 15:55 KJV
15.I’m thankful for learning (books and common sense)…once it was a priceless gift, I try my best not to take it for grated
16.I thankful for being me…although at times it might suck…today it’s cool and that’s what matters most
17.Thankful for my amazing cooking abilities…I rock! It’s my one true talent.
18.I’m thankful sometimes for my caring spirit…although it can be taken advantage of it’s nice to know I was helpful
19.I’m thankful for friendships lost, they make me even more thankful for friendships I have, and thankful for new friendships to come
20.I’m thankful to see and hear…two things too many people wish for
21.I’m thankful to be in my right mind…I can get ‘crazy’ but I can always function
22.I’m thankful at times for twitter, but mostly thankful for the new people I’ve met they keep my laughing and keep my days less dull
23.I’m thankful for my Christian, HBCU (don’t know what this means…shame on you…) education…aka The Oakwood Experience
24.When I get it I’m thankful for peace of mind…it’s those restful moments when all is well
25.I’m thankful to be a godparent.
26.I’m thankful to be considered a friend…to some people with high standards
27.I’m thankful to be a big sister even though they try not to listen to me most times
28.I’m thankful for those that came before me and paved the path: Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, Ralph David Abernathy, Ida B. Wells, Rosa Parks, my grandparents, my great-grandparents, great aunts and uncles, you get the idea
29.I’m thankful for my fence, took a year to get it and paid for it in cash…patience pays off
30.I’m thankful for patience (of the saints sometimes)…I'm thankful for it even when it is no where in sight
31.I’m thankful for fruit…my favorite kind is watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, grapes (red and hard), bananas, nectarines, plums (I like prunes too), and apples.
32.I’m also thankful for vegetables: corn, greens, spinach, string beans, broccoli, carrots, squash, green peppers, and mushrooms.
33.I’m thankful that I don’t settle for mediocrity…cause it’s not expectable
34.I’m thankful for the story of Job, life is not always (never) fair…but praise God anyhow
35. I’m thankful for my clothes and shoes…slightly vain but I really like most of them and they make me look good ;o)
36.I’m thankful for having things to smile about
37.I’m thankful because in the grand scheme of things, stuff will work out in the end’
38.I’m thankful for true love…enough said
39.I’m thankful for loyalty
40.I’m thankful for the truth
41.I’m thankful for flowers…they add so much color to the world
42.I love water, so I’m thankful for oceans…but I slightly scared to swim in there…while the whales, sharks, fish and etc are amazing…they terrify me and I look to observe them at a distance
43.I’m thankful for my 2 dogs they remind me of how much I am not ready for children at this point…seriously people 3 years at the least…I’m in my prime :D
44.I’m thankful for common sense…it’s not as common as you think
45.I’m thankful for my ability to be insightful and observant…
46.I’m thankful for the time I got to know myself and who I truly am
47.I’m thankful for professional lessons learned…you won’t always work with people you like but you have to still get along with them
48.I’m thankful advancements in technology…of course for the obvious reasons…lol
49.I’m thankful for spring/fall weather…it makes me soooo happy….I wish it was year around weather
50.I’m thankful I made it half way through this list…100 is a lot…but even after 50 I feel so warm and fuzzy I have a ton to be thankful for.
51.I’m thankful I’ve never been homeless, without food or clothes on my back
52.I’m thankful for 25 years…almost…
53.Thankful I am able to give…blood (I’m O positive…holla at me if you are too I might need you one day) …money…time…love...encouragement
54.I am thankful for the paths I have chosen and the people I have met that have made a big deal in my life
55.I’m thankful for long hair and ponytails
56.I am thankful for restful weekends and lazy Sundays
57.I am thankful for national holidays, most times just for the break.... :)
58.I am thankful being able to smile....and being genuine most times
59.I am thankful for adversity...it's a necessary evil that I still resist
60.Sometimes I am thankful that I wear my heart my sleeve
61.I am thankful for financial stability at this point in my life and my parents who taught me how to deal with my finances.
62.I am thankful for my domestic skills...I can do it all
63.If I didn't express it enough I am thankful for my husband...he has taught me more than he knows (even when I resist it)...mostly I appreciate him for appreciating me even when I don't appreciate myself
64.I am thankful for my stubbornness...it has taught me that sometimes you have to be bullheaded to get what you want
65.I am thankful for my flat iron for obvious reasons...lol!!
66.I am thankful for food...I love to eat! #thatisall
67.I am thankful for celebrations...it means we have something to celebrate and be thankful for
68.I am thankful for those who have and always will have my back
69.I am thankful for those who love me for who I am and what I am
70.I thankful I started writing this and have gotten this far...
71.The fact that I have working organs at this moment makes me thankful.
72.I am thankful for the significant others that have entered some of my friends life..
73.I am thankful for my blinds!! It took forever to get them all
74.I thankful that sexually I took the road less traveled....
75.I am thankful for the cross...Amen
76.I thankful for a listening ear...
77.I am thankful for being able to write and let it out cause sometimes talking just doesn't cut it...Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks....
78.While sometimes I am at a lost for finding my true abilities...I am thankful for them
79.I am thankful for honesty.
80.I am thankful at times that life is continuously moving cause if not I would not move...#fact
81.I am thankful for my dining room table...ask and it shall be given
82.I am thankful for my Wii, it's kept me on my game for the most part
83.I am jumping for joy and thankfulness that I finally got most of cd collection on my computer and ipod
84.Thankful for salt and pepper for without them food would be bland...(oh and sage, lemon pepper, onion and garlic powder, blackened seasoning...you get the point)
85.Thankful for intimacy and the tender moments
86.I am thankful for face-to-face interaction
87.I am thankful for lights, so I can see (I know that was way to easy)
88.I am thankful for the Kings English, even though it is abused daily (sometimes even by me...*holds head down*)
89.Thankful for lessons learned the hard way...cause they are truly lessons learned
90.I am thankful for my diligence and self-discipline, say what you want about me but I am focused (except when my ADHD kicks in...lol!)
91.I am thankful for my grandparents and the life they lived...
92.I am thankful for my godchild and that she made it into this world safe and sound...
93.I thankful for the sunshine!!! The clouds were making my gloomy and depressed...
94.I am thankful for prevention...I'll leave it at that
95.I am thankful I am able to see when my best isn't good enough
96.I am thankful that I am not afraid to say I'm sorry (sometimes....I know)
97.I thankful the time I have, had, and will have....basically thankful for the past, present and the future
98.Thankful for Kell, Naya, Candace, and Krystle....
99.Thankful that I have things to be thankful for...
100.I am thankful I made it to 100, and that I made myself do this....to help me see what's most important...

The end with happy contentment and a fulfilling commitment...
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