Who Am I?

An age old question…who am I? What am I? What was I? Who am I becoming? Who was I suppose to be? Where am I going? What makes me who I am? And the list of random nonsensical questions continues…if I am honest with myself I will have to admit this answers change daily. The reality that I've come except is everyday these questions are answered in my actions and my thinking…and every day they are different. I am changing every day, each new day brings a new challenge, opportunity or obstacle to face and every day I do something differently to overcome, avoid or conquer it.

Every day I am shaping and molding who I am and it’s a continually process. I know that I am not and will never be perfect and that is definitely my aspiration. My goal as noted continuously throughout this blog is contentment…I aspire for contentment in who I am…what I am…what I was...who I am becoming…who I was suppose to be…where I am going…and ultimately what makes me who I am…

Knowing this and a host of other things I am able to forge forward and embrace the reality of who I really am. I am a child of God, a daughter, sister, wife, friend, coworker, church member, neighbor…I am beautiful, sexy, confident, funny, ambitious, talented, driven, determined, crazy, sensible (at times), loveable, laughable…I am who I am and that changes on a continuous basis and I'm okay with that