Timeless lessons...nothing is ever really what it seems and you know nothing until you walk in that person's shoes...these are lessons learned in Life 101, but many of us disregard them. However, I am starting to believe it is these lessons that will help us on our life journey the most.

To say I'm been dealing with some issues is an understatement, and honestly I have been letting that effect my interactions with others. In a sense I've disregarded others situations to 'highlight' my own. The reality is I can still help others even while I'm 'going through it.' My issues don't or shouldn't hinder my ability to care. I need to realize that I am not the only person in the world with problems. More times than not, there are people who are having or have had the same issues I am going through and leaning on them might be the boost that I need.

I was feeling a certain way the other day and after talking to someone I realized I had slightly misjudged them. I felt like they had offended me, but like me they were dealing with some issues. I said all this to say if you don't know...don't assume, at times you might be pleasantly surprised if you take the time to inquire and even care about what the other person is going through. Though trite, it's true consider the shoe being on the other foot.

It amazing how passing issues can make you forget what it truly important...contentment relies on your ability to truly embrace the differences that others bring to the table. Looking outside of yourself might be what you need to help you embrace and deal with your issues. As I previously noted no man is an island, taking that to heart and respecting the 'other' perspective can help open up a world of understanding.
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