More than a Friend...

I am usually open to people and making new friends since my options are starting to dwindle. However, recent events have caused me to doubt my openness and trust of those who call themselves my friends. Maybe I should first express and explain what I want from a friend. I ask that my friends be loyal...loyalty is important for several obvious reasons. I want my friends to be honest with me and I want to feel like I can be honest with my friends. If at any point I feel unable to fully express myself to you, we are not that cool *shrug*, that's real. I've spent too much time sugar-coating information cause people are afraid of the truth...PEOPLE it only sets you free!!

I need a friend who is always a friend. I'm through dealing with convenient friendships, friends only when it is convenient for them. I need support from my friends, even when I am going through it I want to try to be there for my friends, and I want and expect the same out of them. A link is much stronger if helps support the weight of the other links in the chain. At times I know I can be ME sometimes (selfish, sarcastic, unmoving, headstrong), but I need a friend who can tell me that and not hold it against me.

I need a friend who is ambitious and determined...if we are still taking about the same dreams you had 5 years ago and you are in the same place you were 5 years ago...our friendship has little life left in it. I can not stand to dwell on the should of's, could of's, would of's of life...make it happen...don't speak about it, BE about it! Life is what you make it, it can throw some curve balls but equip yourself and move on. I need a friend who is adaptable and flexible. Life and times change, so do people...can you stand the rain? I need a friend who rejoices in my successes cause you can BET your last dollar I'm going to rejoice in yours. I need you to be the friend you would ultimately want me to be.

Ok, so now that that's out the way I can get on to the point of my blog (I know...shame). Recently I have been on a city (online) search for 'friends.' Thought I found some only to realize that not only are people not always what they seem. As Lauren say in Forgive Them Father 'beware of the false motives of other/be careful of those who pretend to be brothers/and you never suppose it's those who are closest to you/they say all the right things to gain their position/then use your kindness as their ammunition...Although you don't know who you are I forgive you and I am content in that.
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