More, more, more.

I'm slowly realizing that I need more than I think...and even when I finally think I had all I can take I need more....more...more....

I need so much more, more than at times than I feel like I can ask for. I need more of it all. More of what...everything and anything that is, compassion, feeling, happiness, joy, peace, longsuffering, contentment, satisfaction, purpose and the list goes on.

Now I realize that I need more, what to do? My initial reaction is to brush it off, but then that's when I realize I really need more. Brushing it off just makes me want more. So I'm on the pursuit of finding more. Even when I feel like I've been all used up, I realize I still need more. Although at times it'll seem like I'm all filled up, I'll still need more...contentmently searching for more... :)