Learning Painfully through Change and Growth

I've never seen a caterpillar turn into a butterfly, but just looking at the extreme changes that emerge is quite amazing. I mean imagine one day crawling on your belly and the next day (or weeks) flying. What an extreme and amazing feat.The feeling of spouting wings to me is only a concept, but it something I can only imagine is much harder than it looks.

Like a butterfly every living thing goes through some change or growth in life. Change and growth are a necessary part of life. It's the natural progression of the human journey. I understand that and accept it wholeheartedly. But I must admit the one thing I didn't realize is how painful change and growth can truly be.

The pain that comes with change and growth helps the lessons you are learning to stick. It helps embed them in your mind to create a lasting and, hopefully, fool-proof plan of meaningful change and growth.

I've had to learn some hard lessons recently and the pain of going through them has been quite unbearable at times. But something I just realized is that with that pain comes a new understanding. I've reached new points in life that I would have never obtained without the hard lessons.

Sometimes I feel like I'm growing at the expense of my sanity. It's like I'm progressing while standing still...I know it's sounds crazy but I believe when this period of my growth comes full circle, I'll be moving leaps and bounds.

So, at this point I'm rejoicing through the pain...I'm smiling through the tears because I know it'll get better. Finding contentment is not easy, but it is most definitely possible. Change and growth can be painful, but it's the risk I'm willing to take to achieve the reward. So until next time embrace growth and change for within them lay your contentment. ;)