I know what I'm talking about...

Just because I have endured less than the average (black) female when it comes to relationships doesn't mean I lack the hands-on experience needed to know about love, life and relationships. I am very aware of things that happen in both love and life (and I'm also willing to say there is so much more that I have to learn)...contrary to popular belief I am well-versed in them too. I don't have to experience something to give advice on it or speak on it intelligently. I am NOT naive I just choose to take a more positive look at things. Now I understand being realistic is important and I take that into consideration also, but overall my advice is very well thought out and delivered.

Let me explain this...I will be 25 in a little less than 2 months...no 25 is not old but it's old enough that I have gained some life experience and knowledge. I am married (apparently I know something about love and relationships)...to the only person I dated in college and met in high school. To most people apparently that totally screws my credentials to give any kind of life and love experience advice. Life and love are a continually process which require learning on all sides. They are an universal meanings and have all kinds of interpretations.

I think that in most cases everyone has an unique perspective to bring to the table (especailly when it comes to love, life and relationships), and I am one of those unique perspectives. Dismissing my perspective, opinion or advice is careless. I've learned lessons by watching others (yes amazingly lessons can be learned that way). Experience is not always an a good evaluation about someone's ability to learn and convey proper lessons about life, love and relationships. My biggest pet peeve is to listen or read (Essence, Ebony, Jet) a bunch of (black) women talk about love, life and relationships based on their crappy experiences only to give their pessimistic view and advice on the situations. To me those women never seem to have learn the lessons in the situations, at least they don't convey that to me, and they are only setting themselves up for failure with attitudes like that. Attitude determines altitude...don't speak about it...BE about it!

I was angry about people's conclusions about me, but at this point I say that's your personally naive opinion of me, and I guess I have no choice but to be content with that ignorant fact.
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