The Happy Medium

A few days ago I came with the term 'happy medium.' It is the place where contentment lies. It is where justification about certain things are no longer necessary. It's being content with yourself and you situation...where you are ok the decisions you have made or the consequences that will later come. The happy medium is a safe middle ground between positivity and makes you accept that life is such and such is life.

The toughest thing about the happy medium is letting go of the ideas that you have developed that keep you from being happy. Sometimes accepting that life is not fine is one's life is perfect. This is a continuously process, that requires attention daily to maintain. I know I make it sound easy, but it's not. Personally, I'm living & working toward the happy medium because life is a seesaw...sometimes you're up, sometimes you're down, but in the middle your feet are on the ground.

Sometimes in accepting the happy medium you find what you are suspicious of might be true...accept that and move on. No need in dwelling on the past or on things that you can not change. Knowing two wrongs never make a right is a step in the right direction to create a happy medium...Knowing wrong is wrong, right is right...if you are wrong then, you're not right. Giving people or yourself the benefit of the doubt sometimes only hinders the acceptance of the problem. A

Accept what you can...and create your happy medium around that. Accepting that time waits for no one and rushing it doesn't make a difference. Time is the one thing no one ever has enough of especially when they really need it. But you can't rush it...time is what it is.

The happy medium is not always easy to accomplish especially when controversy is in the forefront. So what I've learned (however, I don't always follow this advice) is sometimes saying nothing is the best thing to do. Your opinion is not always necessary. There are just some things that just need to be kept safe inside until the right time.

I have learned that some people just need a pity party, but you don't have to participate. You can politely decline...people are selfish by nature...acceptance of that is the first step in understanding them. Understand that changing people or their views is not an easy task or one the is completely necessary to reach a happy medium. Learning to accepting these views and opinions for what they are can help create a diverse understanding of certain things and expand your understanding.

Lastly, you can help everyone, but only those who want your help with accept it. What works for for you. Everyone has to choose their own path.

The happy medium in all things is what I'm striving for...simply pure contentment.
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