I'm so tired right now...I drove back from Nashville in the rain and lightening (for those who really know me, you know my terrible fear of storms...I clutched the steering wheel with my death grip the whole way back to Huntsville and prayed continuously). Anyway I got home and it only stormed more (the best thing besides making it back to Huntsville safely was the fact that it did not thunder until I got home). I never get rest when it storms, so I was restless most of the night. Thirty minutes before my alarm was to go off, my mom called and informed me of my grandmother's passing. It's been something that we've been knowing and trying to accept might happen for weeks. I am good now, just stuck in the here and now...knowing Thursday and Friday will be extremely hard. Not sure how I will cope, but guess we'll see over time. This is one of the closet people to me that has died, other than my uncle, she was like my 2nd mother. Even as I type this it's hard not to tear up, but I'll make it through.

I spent every major holiday at my grandparents (now I can only spend a few cause I have to alternate with my husband's family) and every summer until almost 16 with them. I even lived with my aunt, who lives minutes from my grandparents, while my mother finished dental school and took her boards. I absolutely LOVED being at my grandparents. I guess I never considered the impact my grandmother had on me until I realized I would have to say 'see you later' one day. Well that day has come and oddly it's different than what I imagined. My emotions now are subdued simply because I try not to dwell on it, hopefully making it easier to accept. I don't regret not spending more time with her cause the time we spent together was truly treasured.

I don't think out loud I ever told my grandmother I loved her, but I hope she knew. The more I think about it maybe I should have. I appreciated the care and nurturing that I was able to receive from her. I am of course indebted to her raising my mother (and aunts/uncles), who at times drives me nuts, but who I love dearly. It's weird how death makes you appreciate life and those around you so much more (trite but true). I finish this by remembering 'the race is not given to the swift, but to the one that endure.' I'm enduring and hopefully will one day be able to see my grandmother again in the life to come...until then I contently wait.
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