It's slightly ironic that my blog is titled comfortable in the skin you in, when I've been feeling slightly outside of myself. Recent events and realizations have caused my to face some harsh realities that, to tell you the truth I don't want to face. This truth has caused some real insight. So I've decided to make some changes. Or at least try.

I've decided to do one thing that makes me happy everyday, right now it's writing to get everything off my chest. Also thinking about hitting up the library or reading one of my favorite old books. Next, I'm going to try my hardest with God's help to fight off the feelings of depression that tend to creep up on me at times. Finally, I'm going to try to embrace life. I've realized recently all I've done is rejected it. Pouting about what I don't have and what I want. I do want more, but I know that comes with time.

These last past days maybe what I have learned is that growing up comes with benefits and sacrifice. Sometimes you sacrifice something to get something better. Yes, the grass may be green on the other side, but it's just as green on this side. My contentment rests solely on my will and desire to be content in what I have...and maybe for now that is what I needed to learn.