Rejecting life lessons and blaming God

So...I hate early morning phone calls cause they only mean a few things...This early morning phone call was about my grandma. She was having some issues and went into the hospital last week and hasn't left since. My mother called this morning telling me she was in code blue (needs CPR) and basically her heart had stopped. (Deep breath) they started it again and she's stable. This on top of other problems feels like a weight on my chest. But in retrospect I should be praising God.

My grandmother raised 11 children. Eight of which were hers, 2 adopted and 1 foster child that she had since she was 5 months, who now is 28 and is taking care of her and my grandfather. She also aided in the care of 60 + foster children throughout her lifetime. This prompted the eclectic family that I now have, many of her children have adopted children or been foster parents. The 11 children she raised were mostly raised off my grandfather's salary of a teacher (and he cleaned offices at night with a MBA) and her sporadic cleaning jobs. My aunts and uncles never went hungry always had a roof over their head, and each was given the opportunity to go to college. My grandmother has lived a full life and has the story to prove it.

Reading the top part alone makes me thankful, but to some it might seem unfair that my grandmother is going through this. The reality is God has been really good to her and maybe this is a lesson for those around her.
It a lesson for us to cherish the time we have left with her and remember the good times we had with her.

I, personally, believe dealing with life situations are more about finding the lessons in them. I'm blessed to have always had food, clothing shelter, people who love me, and health (which many of us take for granted). If tomorrow all those things were gone, would I be hurt, mad, upset, scared, and angry. Yes! All human emotions...all completely natural and normal. But the fact of the matter is looking back I have nothing but praises because...
the good has outweighed the bad. Is my attitude sustainable? On good days...but it's something I'm working on.

You get pregnant at 18 because of the choice you made (not God's fault). You have cancer (result of sin, and for the scientists, genetic traits possibly, also not God's fault). You lose a loved one (once again sin, not God's fault). Though these situations can have tragic consequences or repercussions they are not God's fault nor sometimes are they yours. But the fact of the matter is in some of these situations are there to teach us lessons.

Having to raise a baby by yourself is tough, but it choice that was made and a lesson to be learned. Perhaps it's a lesson on love or responsibility. Whatever it is, it's yours to learn and accept. The quicker you accept it, the faster you can start to understand. I can't say that you'll ever fully understand, but your insight will definitely become heightened.

All-in-all my contentment rests in the fact that life and change happens and there's nothing I can do about it but, accept it. Rejecting change and learning lessons the hard way only further complicates things. So as noted in an early post I am trying to embrace life and it's lessons as they come.

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