Realism with Positivity Possibilities

I realized again, for the 250th time, that I can be negative or I can embrace reality with a positive attitude and receive more than I could doing the opposite. Life has enough drawbacks without me adding my pessimistic, unadaptable attitude into the mix. Of course all is not perfect and neither am I, and this new found attitude may change and falter every now and then. The most important thing is that I am truly trying to take a panoramic view of life. Why? Because all thought trite it's true life is too short for just any ole' attitude.

This month may have not been the best, but prayerfully there's always next month. And if all else fails there was that good year two years ago. The thing is I am not on my back yet and so I have not failed yet. Too many times I have failed before I tried by starting off with the wrong attitude. This year has not gotten off to the best start, but all is not lost. I will just have to work harder to make sure that I make up for lost time.

Being realistic doesn't have to remove my positivity. Reality says every day will not be my best, but I know that every day is not the same. Each day holds new possibilities. And for now I am ok with being content with the new possibilities and I am willing to embrace them wholeheartedly.