Adaptation for Happy Contentment

Finally I'm back! I've realized that it's important to write if for nothing else than being a stress reliever. So after much time here it goes...

What can I say, other than life has changed. For the better? For the worse? That is what I am searching to answer...I never imagined I would be married almost over a year by now. Nor that I would be the 1st of my college friends to do so. Trust me it's as crazy to me as it might be to any onlooker. You see a lot of times we create plans and goals for ourselves with no real concept of the future and what it might bring. Yes, they can realistic, but are they practical? Can they change with time? Are you able to adapt accordingly? That's the problems with most people's plans...they lack adaptability.

So what if you're not married by 30? So what if it takes you longer to finish school? Who cares if you have not had children by 35 (other than the annoying onlookers)? These are mostly irrelevant in the grand scheme of things when you think about it. I'm not suggesting that you shouldn't have goals and plans, but adjust accordingly when things do not turn out that way.

So many times we are ready to jump ahead of life...if I not married by 30, then forget it?! Forget it? Are you serious? Forgot it if the man of your dreams comes by at 34? As perplexing as this is it's a common state many find themselves in. I believe that being able to adapt makes you better able to find contentment which in the grand scheme of things seems to possess more importance.

I am not saying that having dreams, and/or accomplishing goals aren't important because they are. Just not at the expense of sacrificing your happiness to get what you want. I believe contentment is a superior state of being; that allows you to know that you will indeed have to adapt but in that adaptation you will find what makes you happy.

Until next love, peace, happiness and most of all contentment...
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