Reclaiming Contentment

Seems like every time I think I am content, I find something else to chase. Which leads me to believe that contentment if further than I realized. So what now...really I have no idea. First and foremost, I know I must accept what I am not in order to truly find out who I am...I am not the smartest, thinnest, fattest, fastest, slowest... Next, I have accept who I am to solidify what I currently possess...I am smart, funny, ambitious, a good cook, a great friend...Then, I need to combine the two realizations and create the person I want to be...although not as simple as I put's definitely possible.

Contentment starts with the realization that I have to work with what I have, don't have and what I want.

Contentment is different in certain stages of life. I was very content in college when I started this blog, but it seems like now that has all changed. Everything seems so uncertain...I feel totally blessed with all the things I have, but sometimes I feel guilty because it doesn't feel like enough.

Contentment requires me to be comfortable even if those around me aren't, and to resist the temptation to allow peer pressure to keep me from what I want to do (yes, even adults can succumb to peer pressure). We all get one life and we must live it with the utmost accountability to ourselves and those around us.

Contentment is learning from my mistakes, and regretting missed opportunities, but not dwelling on them. Regret is natural and healthy...regret is a good way to learn about missed opportunities. I regret not savoring moments that defined who I am today, but it makes me more aware of future events that will have the same effect.

Contentment is ultimately being comfortable in my own skin. I am not there...not even close, but I am trying my best, and I am content with that.