Been a long time....

It's been so long since I have written on this thing. It's crazy!! I was just looking through some facebook photos of college dinners and fun outings (little down time at work). As I browsed through them I kept thinking where has the time gone?

Since the last time I wrote on this I have gotten a job, started my Masters program, gotten engaged and married (to the last person on earth I ever thought I get married too) ....CRAZY!!! Time is flying! The other day while walking to my car I couldn't help but think how can I slow time down? If only it was that easy. I could just stop, but what good would that do? Time would still keep going (then life would definitely pass me by).

So, what have I realized the best thing is to make the best out of every moment. I mean live. Do what you really want to do in life. Take that trip. Sleep that extra few minutes. Let it go. Structure is important, but not at the expense of just making through the day. This is more than a life is just too short's more of a don't life pass you by, grab life by the horns, enjoy life until you can't stand it speech.

The reality is time is on no one's side, so the best thing to do is to make it work for you.
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